I've been waiting a while to do this, but I was waiting for the contest I started to end. But seeing as it's only mid-October and November seems so far off, I decided to go ahead and do it. After nearly 6 years of membership, I'm leaving the site.

+I don't have any friends or people I talk to regularly on here and don't feel welcomed. I don't fit into any of the cliques either.
+The rare comments I do get are, 99% of the time, nothing more than "LYKE OMGGG KAWAII!!11!" or "nice".
+There's no quality control for any of the graphics (you shouldn't have to look through pages of shit to find one or two decent walls).
+No one wants constructive criticism either. If they submit an enlarged screenshot or slap someone else's vector on someone else's background and get 800 favorites, they're amazing and don't want to hear anything that might suggest otherwise.
+There is also more plagiarism here than on ANY other site I belong to, which shouldn't be a hard thing to control, especially among new members who need their works approved before they appear in the gallery.

And of course as a full-time college student it's time I really buckle down and try to at least sketch out a plan for my future. Just this morning I quit my crap job and am in the process of looking for a new one that will give me more than 8 hours a week. Thus, my time will be consumed by more important things anyways.

I'm keeping my account open. I may return to it occasionally to check on certain people's works, and I'm certainly going to finish out the contest until its end. Maybe even keep the the horror movie World updated (big maybe). But I will not be posting any more graphics here. Any graphics I do make are going to be posted at my minitokyo account (kaitoukunoichi) or my deviantart (ninjagirlsango).

I feel kind of silly writing all this, seeing as only a few people are likely to check this World, and even fewer are likely to read this. But there it is nonetheless.