Let's Make This Clear

Dear fellow Naruto fans,

As you know, the manga has just concluded. Now, I'm going to be blunt and say this: PLEASE DON'T SPOIL THE ENDING!!!!!! That means, don't post fan works with the ending given away in the titles. Don't go blogging about the ending without spoiler warnings. See my post on "R.I.P. So-And-So" for details.

I highly doubt this will nip some fans' disregard for courteousness in the bud. Still, should I see anything related to what I just asked fans not to do, I will post a link in the offenders' respective comment boxes. I really hope I don't have to do that.

Fellow fans, all I'm asking is to be considerate of those of us who don't read illegal manga scans-- or read the manga at all and just watch the anime. I know how dearly many of you love the series. Just please show some restraint when talking about the conclusion or making tribute fan works.

Thank you.

Keba Si Rota