30 Days of Art

My longtime friend on theO, Kita Mikichi, and her two buddies on DevaintART (DA) have been challenging each other to draw 30 pictures. Having seen her progress, both here and on DA, I felt inspired to do something similar here on theO (yes, I have permission to use their idea).

The rules are pretty much as follows: Every participant contributes ideas. Each day, the whole group draws out their interpretation of one of those ideas. Everyone posts all 30 drawings. The drawings don't have to be masterpieces.

So, now I need some input. Please answer the following questions.

1. Would you be willing to do this with me?
2. How should this event be hosted? Should I create a World specifically for the purpose of hosting the event and featuring the drawings? Should we all make a post in our own Worlds for this that we can edit as the event progresses? Any other ideas?
3. When do you want to do this? My thought is to start April May June 1. I know I said May, but we do have a student who wants to participate. Is pushing the date back OK with everyone?
4. When should we post our drawings? One per day? Whenever we can? Any other ideas? Keep in mind that not all of us will have easy access to a scanner *cough*likeme*cough*.
5. Do you have any points you'd like to raise that I didn't address yet? Any questions/comments/concerns/hula dances are welcome.
New question: 6. I think there should be a cap on how many can participate. If we limit it to 10 people, everyone can contribute 3 ideas. Is 10 people too many or too few?

Edit: It might be a good idea for all participants to subscribe to each other to keep tabs on each other's progress.

Edit part deux: Content MUST be within site rules. If you're not sure if your idea/drawing is too risque, it probably shouldn't be posted.

Edit the 3rd: Ideas be announced two days in advance of posting. That will account for time zone differences as well as the fact that not everyone can be online every day.

I hope I get some participants. This would be a good way to inject some more life into theO. Or to spam the Fan Art section. Whichever you prefer.

List of participants:

  • toyotami kun
  • CelestialSushi
  • elricbrothersfan
  • MangaKid

List of maybe participants:

  • kita mikichi