Things I'd Like to See on theO

I'd like to thank Toya for posting about her favorite comics on theO. This in turn made me think about theO's comics, which then made me think about things to improve theO's fan comics section, which then made me think of all the little tweaks that can be made to make theO a better place. So here's a little list.

Edit: Thought of one more.

  • A function that allows users to filter comics by whether they're finished or not. There could be a checkbox or radio button as to whether the comic is complete or ongoing. By default it will be set to ongoing. If there are completed comics that have been made by users that have long since abandoned theO, there could be a team of users to hunt them out and report them to the admin/mod team on theO to be marked as complete. If such a team could be made, I'd like to volunteer.
  • A way to remove favorites from the favorites page instead of going directly to the source. If you notice, there are people who have deleted their accounts, but the thumbnail for their art is still there. If you can't have access to your favorite art anymore, why keep it in your favorites? When someone clicks on it, they'll just be taken to the Dreaded Error Page and won't be able to see the art nor can they "un-fave" it. It's a real catch 22, if you think about it.
  • A way to add World posts to users' favorites. Before the Fan Words section was removed, users could add published works as their favorites. Now there is a section in my favorites that displays my favorite World posts, which were just former Fan Words. That's what inspired this idea. I don't think there is a little heart to click on for easy access to World posts that users find especially awesome. It would be great if there were.
  • A way to browse Worlds. Yes you can search for them by selecting "All", but then you only find worlds and posts with whatever matches what you searched for.
  • Either get rid of or bring back those "in limbo" sections. When I search and select "All" from the menu, I can still see Fan Words as one of the links that can be clicked on. That gives me access to the Fan Words section, complete with the outdated "submit" policy, and the ability to create Challenges. The same goes for myOtaku. I didn't even know what it was due to the fact that it's not fully integrated with theO. When I did see myOtaku, the sites looked like really ugly Worlds. Do we need this? Is myO necessary? Are these two sections that I mentioned alive or dead? They shouldn't be both.
  • A way to search by title. Let's face it, some people just don't know how to tag, if they tag at all.
  • A way to specify whether a character is a fan character from any given fandom. I think there used to be a checkbox that did that. What happened to it? Anyway, if this is implemented, there could be a search team (like there would be with the fan comics) who seek out fan-made characters from fandoms that they are familiar with. Also, the Fan Comic top 15 categories has a "Fan Characters" category. Why can't I see, much less select that category when I submit something? Maybe you should abolish it and merge it with the "Original" or "Personal" categories.
  • Some way to hide fan works that contain spoilers. I made a post about how furious I was when people were inconsiderately posting fan works that gave away major spoilers to a series that I wasn't up-to-the-minute on, but was following anyway. If there was some checkbox or something to hide spoiler-ridden fan works, I'd really appreciate it.

OK, so maybe that wasn't such a little list. Still, I wanted to type all this out before I forgot it. Thanks for reading.