Regarding My Library

I have some questions for you regarding my Library World.

1. Do (or will) you read my stuff? I'm asking this because I'm sure there are people who read and don't comment. And that's OK. I just want to know how many readers I have.

2. Do you want me to post more different stories? I have a few short pieces that I could post, but they're not the best.

3. After typing chapters 5-8 of Survival Instincts, I showed them to my beta. She had a lot of suggestions (I haven't read them all), and I may have to rethink my approach to the story. There will probably be a lot of heavy edits. So as not to confuse people, should I hold off posting and editing the story until I finish? Or should I post as I go and revise the story as needed? Keep in mind that previous drafts might be spoilers for future drafts.