You Fans Infuriate Me

Dear fellow "Naruto" fans,

Stop dropping spoilers!

Just because you've seen it, doesn't mean that everyone else has. I'm way behind on watching "Shippuden". Even if I was up to date, I still don't read the manga. Even if I did read the manga, I'd only read it when it gets released legally.

What I'm trying to say is, don't go blabbing on about so-and-so's tragic death scene. I know you're shocked about the latest chapter. That doesn't mean you have to announce it to the world. I wanted to find out for myself in my own time, but now I can't.

If you do have to give a eulogy, use spoiler tags. They look like this: [SPOILER*][/SPOILER*], only without the asterisks.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for hiding spoiler titles, so when I go to my Backroom, I see all kinds of things entitled, for example, "R.I.P.* So-And-So". I don't want to see that!

When browsing the various fan works on this site, pictures of so-and-so's death scene are freaking everywhere. I understand that you want to make tributes to so-and-so, but do you really have to show that to everyone?

Personally, I'm mad as heck about this. I'm madder than I was when I was browsing "Fullmetal Alchemist" wallpapers and I stumbled across Pride's secret identity (from "Brotherhood"). To be honest, I should have known better than to actively search through images of a manga that I hadn't finished.

Contrarily, in the case of "Naruto", I wasn't looking for spoilers. You guys just threw them in my face. I can't un-see something once I've seen it.

Please change or delete your works for the sake of those that haven't yet seen them and don't want to see them. This is a community. Please be courteous to your fellow Otakuites who don't want to see major spoilers.


Keba Si Rota

*Regarding that R.I.P. thing, there is SUPPOSED to be a period after EVERY letter, including the last one. This goes for everything (W.I.P., O.C., et cetera).