Hello and welcome to Keba's Anime and Manga Place (KAAMP for short)! Here at KAAMP, I write about anime and manga that I have seen/read as well as my views on them. I'll also post about my original stories from time to time.

Just beware that some of my posts contain spoilers. I'll put them in spoiler tags just in case.

KAAMP's history: KAAMP was created in July 2002 by yours truly. It was a sloppy-looking website on Yahoo's now defunct Geocities. I posted my anime fan art on that site. Also, for a time, I posted my thoughts on the few anime series that I had seen. Now that I look back on it, my thoughts were rather ill-informed (is that even a word?) because I had only seen bits and pieces of anime dubs. Now that I've seen more series, I think that my commentary on various anime will be a little better than before.

So, come on in and stay awhile! KAAMP is now in session.

Wippy Wippy

Hi. Here's a WIP. ...

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Keba's Big Ol' To-Do List

OK, so it's come to this. I've been making lots of lists for various things, so I might as well make one for theO. This will be for my drawing, writing, posting and other stuff.

Higher priorities will be in bold.

The Rebels of Planet Aadau: Write chapter 4-- UNDERWAY!
Destination: Finish chapter 7. Post chapter 6 through whenever this arc ends.
Survival Instincts: Give chapters 9 and 10 a tune-up and post.
Develop ideas about mythological creatures story.
Album reviews (0/3)
Develop ideas about comic book characters in the "real world" story )low priority).
Develop ideas about a girl who finds a portal to another world and has adventures with a talking sheep (low priority).

The Rebels of Planet Aadau "movie poster"-- UNDERWAY!
Anime portraits of bands/music artists?
"Hero in Armor"
"Clap Your Hands"
"Inner Children"
"You Look Familiar" (low priority)

Manga-ing which is totally a word
Get to Know an OC!: finish last two pages and post.
Finish one-shot Naruto Shippuden gag comic.
Start planning Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood fan manga.
Take poll as to whether people would want to read a gag comic about the band Linkin Park. I'm serious.
Draw summer-themed Fullmetal Alchemist comic (save for summer).

Yeah, that got really long really quick. I do realize that life happens while you make plans, but I need a plan in order to conquer life.

Challenge Hesitation

Hey, guys. I came up with some ideas for Challenges, but I'm hesitant to post them because (a) I haven't selected winners for my last one and (b) I don't know if I have time or inspiration to give prizes. Should I just do it anyway?

Also, would it be selfish to have a "draw my OCs" type of thing? I ask because one of my ongoing stories is turning five (!) and one just turned 10 (!!), and I want to celebrate somehow. "Then why don't you write more?" asks just about everyone.


I haven't posted much of anything lately, but I want you guys to know I'm still alive. I also have everything block. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow and get something artistic done.

What's Wrong with theO?

I have decided to call upon my fellow Otakuites for some help. Please tell me what problems you are experiencing with the site. I'm planning to round up all the complaints, prioritize them, and email them to every address I can find for staff on theO.

The list is below. Please contribute if possible. It also would help me if you guys could spread the word about this.

Thank you so much.

  • Users redirected to spammy/phishing sites
  • Login difficulties
  • YouTube videos not displaying
  • Error message for uploading 2 MB wallpapers when the limit is 4 MB
  • Clicking a comment box directs the user to a page of comments
  • Wallpapers are rejected for no aparent reason
  • Premium users still seeing some advertisements at the bottom of most pages
  • Who's Online page taking a long time to load
  • The infamous Wallpaper Spammer
  • Posting of copyrighted manga scans in Fan Art
  • Spam in the comment box on the main page
  • No trace of admins/mods
  • No main page updates for months
  • No promotions for months (maybe even a year or so)
  • No word on the Kickstarter