Hey friends!

I first made this world so I could post some Christmas music favourites of mine. But now I'm turning it into a general music world where I can post my favourites.
I'm really picky when it comes to music so the songs I'm posting aren't from every genre >_< Sorry!
I still hope the songs I post will bring some Joy to your World though^^ Thankyou for viewing & listening!

Note: I do not own any of these songs. They are linked from youtube.


The Gloucester Wassail [By Waverly]

I was going to delete this world but haven't done so yet... so HERE'S THE FIRST CHRISTMAS SONG FOR THIS YEAR :D ...

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OREO song-OwlCity

I just knew it was sung by Owl City when I first saw it on TV :D ...

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Violin Performances by Lindsey Stirling

Man!! After my friend elricbrothersfan mentioned and gave some links to Lindsey Stirling's violin music in her recent post, I've checked out her compositions and I'm totally hooked!! She is amazingly talented so here's some Christmas vids and also...

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Christmas Time-Adams


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And Then There's Christmas-Hines

*I think* this is the original but if not, this guy did a good job in singing it anyway^^ ...

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