Strength as Weakness

Somehow, I realize that the person’s weakness could become or it the person’s strength as well. Sometimes, I’m still wondering why that is. Hm…. Well my weakness is _______________ and everybody at the school knows about it. But sometimes; I tend to have courage to myself when ___________ or ___________. (So sorry about the spoilers :P)

In a person’s life, everyone has a weak spot, you might say still someone doesn’t have a weak spot. It’s only because you haven’t realize it yet. For example, the greatest weak spot of a person, weather he/she is a bad or good person, the person’s weak spot is the person’s heart. It’s too fragile; it absorbs too much pain and sufferings every time. Losing your best friend, pet, family, friends, and whatsoever are the sources of the person’s weak spot. A person’s feelings towards the other person give them strength in time of need, no I’m wrong, every time they we’re given strength by the person they cherish.

Have a nice day :D