A Little Respect

A small respect is already a treasure to all people like saying hello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, how are you?, thank you, and more. What will people think to you if you’re a respectful person? They will respect you in return for sure. I’ve been asking this to myself, why are the others forget to respect the other people? Not just the other people but also their selves. People forgot to respect the elderly, the teachers, workers, friends, their parents, and their self.

How come that a person wasn’t respecting their selves? I got a question to you, did you cheat for some reason, tried to commit suicide, think some negative things about yourself, or maybe hurting yourself? This thing that you have done to yourself is a form is disrespecting yourself. Taking a good care to yourself and respecting your life mean you are also respecting God because he made us with all of his heart. Please don’t yell and talk back to your parents, give them respect, we have to thank them because they didn’t disrespect us at the first place, they let us to live here in this world. Give them a little respect and that respect would become a big love for them. Just keep your temper against them and forgive them at once as they forgive you as well. Respect your friends, if they have a problem ask them what happen and tell you might able to help them, if they don’t want to tell it then don’t force them. Don’t over tease your friends as well, everyone have their limitation. These things are some way to respect your friends. Don’t judge others by their looks, traits, social status, economic status, and whatsoever. Don’t insult other people. At teachers and workers, a little respect is fine to them because they are giving all of their best to serve us.