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I'm Sakuse or simply Tracy, I'm here to introduce to you my new world, Journal. This world would have a post about facts and opinions. Thanks for visiting and I'm expecting some comment if you have any. See you around and thank you.


In high school, you may encounter that one of the student you might know were being bullied or underestimated. In college, you might see one girl or boy who is really a super down to earth or very polite or too nice. In work you might know a person you gives his/her best shot to do a certain thing. These people, we sometimes see them as a weak person and those are the fragile people.

They seem to be weak and people use them for their own good. These people are the person who doesn't know how to say no. They are called the fragile person. If you have a friend who is fragile, you have this feeling that you don't want to leave this person alone... Well yeah sometimes we were having fun with their silliness but there are times that we can't help it but not to leave this person alone. You might think that this person cannot protect itself. Wrong...

Let's take a glass statue as an example; You might have a figurine which is expensive and it is fragile of course. Once you broke it and one wrong movement you'll find yourself wounded right? Now I'll give you an example which happens to us; Joseph here has a girlfriend, Alice, who is fragile. Alice is a polite person, you might say a pure girl. Their relationship only last for one month, Joseph said that he cannot take the attitude of Alice (to be frank, I hate this kind of boy who never keeps his promise, he just played the girl's feelings and entering in a relationship means that you will accept and understand the attitude and everything about your lover.). So he ask Alice to make a move to break up with him. At first of course Alice doesn't want that to happen. But Alice said to herself that she have to let of him so he broke up with him. Now all of the other people got mad at Joseph because of the happening and his image to the class became bad. Joseph can only argue the issue with Alice but not with the people who said something bad to him.

So that's what I mean. Do not underestimate the fragile person because in the end, you will find yourself into trouble.