Jolt's New Profile

Pokemon: Jolteon

National#: 135

Title: Lightning Pokemon

Type of Pokemon: Electric

Held Item: None

Ability: Volt Absorb

Attacks: Thunder bolt, Volt Tackle, Thunder Fang, Bite, Hyper Beam

Weak Against: Water, Grass, Dragon

Name: Jolt

Nick Names: Jolty

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthday: October. 15, 1990

Birthstone: Opal

Sign: Libra

Element: Air

Height: 6'0

Weight: 125 lbs

Chest: Abs

Hair Color: Golden Yellow

Hair Length: Short and spikey

Eye Color: Green

Skin Tone: Peachy

Build: Athletic

Markings/Scars: Scar abov right eye

Tattoos: Small Dragon on right arm

Piercings: Small hoop on left ear

Looks: Jolteon ears and tail

Full Outfit: Yellow spikey jacket with white spikey collar, Black pants, Yellow and silver belt, black shoes, white T-shirt

Persona: Jolt is kinda of.....a pervert when he wants to be he is kind and caring around females, around male sorta.....not very nice...but most of the time he is nice

Orient: Straight

S/O: None

Rival: None

Siblings: Leaf and Bella are his non-blood siblings

Relationships: Friends with very few gijnka

Hometown: Eterna Forest


Job: None

Song Name: In the End

Song Artist: Linkin Park


Likes: Thunder,Girls, Lighting, Milk, new people, light, fruit, Friends

Dislikes: Water, dark places, Death, Blood, seeing friend hurt

Fears: blood, Losing his friends, Death

Strengths: Water type,Being tickled,Ground type

Weaknesses: Water Type


Food: Cupcakes

Drink: Milk

Color: Lighning Yellow and Lime Green

Flower: Tiger Lily

Tree: Magnolia

Season: Fall

Activity: Basketball


Background: After being abandoned by his family, a family of grass type gijinka took him in as their son he grew up with that family his Step-father was the Leader of a village in Eterna Forest and he had 3 daughters and 2 sons. Over time he had gotten a crush on one of his Step Sisters, Bella. Bella was the middle aged one out of the sisters. A few years after the village was attacked by a pack of Arcanine. Leaf, Jolt and Bella were left after everyone died and they ran away to a cave deeper into the forest where they spent the rest of their lives.......