Before Prom!

It's been a very very very loooooong time since i've submiteeeddd or written anything here...

Prom is tomorrow -it will our last prom since we're going to college next school year..waaaahhhhh

Me, Vampiregroom-schoolmate only, jenzz-classmate are part of the committee and we've enjoyed it so super, super much this afternoon. We were the one's to decorate the whole stage, I'm tired yet happy because of the outcome I really want to share the pics we took, but my mom fell asleep and locked the door so i can't get it.

Our schedule would be 4:00 pm to 10:30 pm (and our dress code sucks) We are in a private school so we are to strictly follow the rules that are given to us. So if the dress that you are wearing tomorrow wold be inappropriate, your parent should bring a parent's consent, favoring that you would be allowed to enter...(sigh) This is all the info i could give for now...WISH ME LUCK! hopefully I can still fit in my dress (a ate alot this week) and hopefully my heels don't break!

CHIAO! TC always!