Name(code): VampireBride Real name: Asela
Age: 16 Birthdate: December 6, 1995 Location: Philippines
Nationality: filipino
Likes: ANIME (esp Naruto, special A, Gakuen Alice, Code geass, Ehhh.. MANY more) HANGING OUT, COOKING, Oooh! EATING!, DRAWING...gaaahh! I have so many LIKES

I think that's the Inroduction I can give myself for awhile

Me and Jenzz

Waaahhhh! i look terrible
'm wearing the PUrple dress

Our prom sucked because:

1. Alot of things weren't aloud
2.Alot of things weren't aloud!
3.Alot of things weren't aloud!!!

Still tried my best to enjoy it though....
hope you'll like the pick! jensen is oh so pretty!
BTW! I'm a Filipino!