YOU CAN JOIN THIS AT ANY TIME. even if weve already started writting
So the idea for this world is for three or more people (i won't bother if i don't have three participants, including myself) to get together and write a story.
Each person will take turns to write the next chapter, with a deadline of about two months (let me know if that's too long or too short, i understand how busy people can be).
It's an original story so each person must create there own OC and post their bio in this world, if you can draw a pic of your OC that would be awesome too, though not nessasary. Characters form other anime and mangas can be incorporated into the story line if you want, but each participant MUST create there own OC.
OC's can be ANYTHING, vampires, demons, animals, werewolves etc. It's realy up to you.
If your interested PM me or comment in one of the posts and let me know if you have a preffered setting, i expect the plot will develop as the story continues, but if you want to incorperate any major plot developments, let me know.
Once you've posted you OC's bio, please post a short intro story giving us a small look at how your character lives/used to live, and how they might respond to a situation.
If you want to participate i will give you guest poster status, you must be willing to post when it is your turn, and if for some reason that's not possible let me know. And if you no longer want to participate tell me and i will remove guest poster status.
If you don't understand what i mean by bio's and intro's, visit my world Kit and read the first few posts.

I'll post my characters bio, intro and the first chapter (unless anyone else wants to go first) when i have at least two other people willing to participate.

Thank you.

These are the people who have currently agreed to join. If you like their work click on their name to visit their portfolio ^-^

Vixen Vectressa


DN Fangirls






Akari Yasutora

Removing this world.....

Seeing as no one's posted in here for ages i think i might delete this world, if you want to get copies of your stories i'll wait till the end of the month and message everyone a reminder then.

If you'd like to keep this world open though just message me and i'll think about it :)

Otherwise it's been great to see soe of the amazing work by my fellow writers out there xxx

Senior otaku FINALY

Yay i've finally been promoted, i can't believe i've only been on here for a year it seems like so much longer

101 things about Blaze

Written for my new world Creative writing. PM me if you want to join 101 things about Blaze She has red hair She has red eyes She’s a demon She&rsquo...

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Blaze chapter 3

OMG i haven't posted anything for AGES, so i figured i'd better type something. This is my shortest chapter on here by far, but i wanted to do something quick. Saying goodbye had been easier than Blaze had thought, but she still felt guilty...

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Sorry guys

I know that there's been three new chapters posted latly, but i've been so busy i haven't had time to read them yet, and the way school's going, i don't think i'll have enough time any time soon. However i haven't forgotten about them and i'll make sure to read everything first chance i get.
Also i know tobixforever's waiting for me to write the next chapter, but i've got very little spare time, so if there's anyway you can write it without me, maybe just keep Blaze out of it for a bit longer, feel free to start without me.
Again, i'm really sorry guys, but i'm in yr12 this year and i'm determined not to slack off. I miss you all *huggles* bye for now.