I have been away

I have been away like only a few month since the summer and in the fall, bit busy on training school stuff, i left for probably those days but when I came back this today. Something fishy I did had like I use to have 276, but it was 275, now I have 276 by sub someone it strange I don't know why. Maybe.

Well anyway. zxJohnFanime91xz / John Ricon Eln is here, I have done reuploading my fan anime movies on Youtube as remastered, and stuff, it now published and now playing on Youtube. I also created a back up account for fanime genre base of the same name on Youtube, and here too, we idk. I don't know. Sometime it get fishy on the internet. Maybe next time I must move to another account on here the next time.

I have been busy, scanner is not working, so I will try and see what I can do. Though. I'm done my last time as of 2012, but I will be back on here, and other website and check how things goes. Until maybe 2013.

But promise to promise I be here around, maybe it time for my, well it maybe like sofa like good-bye I really wanted to do like people do in enterainment well you know. I catch you guys up later.