One of these days my day was truly but good..

This is zxJohnFanime91xz (John Ricon Eln). I been kinda way a little bit, well so, since I last talk about taking request to artist probably so. I will request the artist later on, but so actually.

Saturday, I went to Otakon of Balitmore for a first time when people do alot of cosplay, and it the first time alot of fun and stuff when I was as a Team Rocke Grunts.

Today, time is going fast. By sooner I must be left off again, samely thing as on other website but until I be back until 2013. Watching the Dark Knights Rises that is really epic, and awesome movie. But.. yes. The time is almost up for me, and I don't know what else what I can do? See you around, guys!