This is zxJohnFanime91xz aka "John Ricon Eln" this is the first creating on the world on here. There post about drawing, jounral about life, news, request, stuff, etc, others many more of it...

So I hope we must have something about interest, drawing, surprise, many more of others to come post, things..

Although I maybe be here, or sometime away (depends of) In other news, I let you guys know..

I have been away

I have been away like only a few month since the summer and in the fall, bit busy on training school stuff, i left for probably those days but when I came back this today. Something fishy I did had like I use to have 276, but it was 275, now I have 276 by sub someone it strange I don't know why. Maybe.

Well anyway. zxJohnFanime91xz / John Ricon Eln is here, I have done reuploading my fan anime movies on Youtube as remastered, and stuff, it now published and now playing on Youtube. I also created a back up account for fanime genre base of the same name on Youtube, and here too, we idk. I don't know. Sometime it get fishy on the internet. Maybe next time I must move to another account on here the next time.

I have been busy, scanner is not working, so I will try and see what I can do. Though. I'm done my last time as of 2012, but I will be back on here, and other website and check how things goes. Until maybe 2013.

But promise to promise I be here around, maybe it time for my, well it maybe like sofa like good-bye I really wanted to do like people do in enterainment well you know. I catch you guys up later.

Some stuff, and scan aint working..

Well been away, and the scanner is not working due of reason.. I'm doing my youtube videos of fan movie restored. I will share with you, or post it, or maybe in facebook. My fan anime movies will be published in September 2012... Anyway. I'm not going away, but I'm going away for awhile of this year to 2013 bit (until I maybe return on 2013), but I will be here to keep in touch you guys...

My idea for next years must do a Wizard of Oz adapation movie ones.. I'm not sure??

Well... still been away. Idk.. Until then I get my scanner once I do my restored movie (on youtube that the name of mine same name at that website) LATER!

It been awhile a little bit

It been like late june 2012, I think when I was new, and when I first came to here of this website. Well not quiet of awhile. I haven't got on for a bit.. Doing something, etc, and there goes training school. Time is going fast. You know hey, haven't got into of college and stuff, after going to training school. And I don't know what up what I must do.

I got two drawing idea that I'm working on.

Domino Pokemon 009 (007 Pardory likely)
My pokemon trainer love with Offical Pokemon Female Trainers

Two drawing things I'm working on. But until then I must be back for something, then I must request you guys to draw about picture of my characters, well I think I'm doing a little bit of good of drawing.. Well Talk ya later..

One of these days my day was truly but good..

This is zxJohnFanime91xz (John Ricon Eln). I been kinda way a little bit, well so, since I last talk about taking request to artist probably so. I will request the artist later on, but so actually.

Saturday, I went to Otakon of Balitmore for a first time when people do alot of cosplay, and it the first time alot of fun and stuff when I was as a Team Rocke Grunts.

Today, time is going fast. By sooner I must be left off again, samely thing as on other website but until I be back until 2013. Watching the Dark Knights Rises that is really epic, and awesome movie. But.. yes. The time is almost up for me, and I don't know what else what I can do? See you around, guys!

Request Drawing...

I was going to do a challenges for drawing ones entry for you guys. :( oh well it won't.. But just to let guys know do you guys do take request drawing, so I can you guys for drawing about my pokemon fan/ original trainer cahracters. Just letting you guys know?