UPDATE: Sunburns and Otome

Okay, so fairly sure no one is going to read this since I've been gone so long buuuut. I am still almost alive. I'm falling behind in online AP classes and I have tons of work for school (that I've been so wisely ignoring for the last week-shakes fist at otome-) as well so it may be awhile until I finish requests/upload anything new.

HOWEVER you can expect to see something from me fairly soon. I can try to make something on Labor Day (that is if I get around to finishing my summer reading and AP homework for the week) and if not, then I'll be uploading an eCard every once and awhile. :3 I SHALL BE BACK, MARK MY WORDS~

Anyways, I kinda feel like being random and sooo:

First of all, last night I watched 13 episodes (ie the whole season) of an anime called Prétear, and so instead of finishing my homework like a responsible student would -cough-, I ended up sobbing my eyes out over Sasame's almost death until 4 AM, and my parents woke me up at 9 and so I felt really icky and happy at the same time because Prétear was a pretty good anime and I felt sluggish from my recent sleep deprivation. But yeah. Aside from the really weird transformations, Prétear was a good anime. :3 If you've watched every other anime and drama in existence like I have, I'd recommend it.

And second of all, recently, I just played like a bajillion rounds of otome games, and I'd just like to rant.

First of all, I totally get why people play otome games.
1. Lotsa lotsa bishies. Some of their personalities are pretty meh worthy though. -____-;
So, I didn't play these otome games because I am depressed and forever single okay maybe the single part is true, but the fact that I'm 4ever single has absolutely nothing to do with this but during the whole time I was clinging onto my seat with happiness.

External Image

Seriously I felt like I was watching an awesome anime.
Except for after love revo. After playing love revo I felt really depressed because my charrie ended as a 44 kg girl who was forever alone (well, there were creepers chasing after the main character but that's not really...... a choice I would ever ... choose for lack of better words LOL).

That and I'm nowhere near 44 kg, so... yeah. /sulks in depression

That Hikami is the most awesome anime character in the world. And he's not even in an anime. If he was though, I'd totally watch that anime. I played Tokimeki Memorial girls' side 1st and 2nd season, but I only cried during Hikami's confession. IT WAS SO BEOOTIFUL. ;3;

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If Hikami was a person irl, I'd definitely be his bff forever and ever and ever. Forsrsly. /brick'd Epitome of a cool nerd. LUFFFLEE~ <3

Now that I've gotten my fangirling out of the way, there is one thing I don't understand about otome games, or Tokimeki Memorial to be more specific.

Guys bomb you all the time. And to prevent them from bombing you, you have to go out with them. IT'S SO WEIRD. And so, (I say main charrie because after I chose my name as my name, the guys in the otome game kept calling me by my name and it creeped me out big time /shiver. I was like OMG YOU KNOW ME HOW? D: but anyways moving on~) instead of the main charrie being able to spend 24/7 with the guy she likes, she is forced to schedule dates intermittently with other guys who are-technically speaking-strangers in the game (if you don't, their heart bombs will asplode and you won't get the guy you are going for).

And so, yeah. Just weirded out by how Tokimeki Memorial makes you have dates with every single guy to get your guy.... which is technically encouraging disloyalty in order to prove loyalty... which makes total sense. o3o Yush. It does.

On a completely random note,

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I'm in band and I had to play at a football game. It was my first time wearing shorts outside since at least a year ago, and so I decided to put sunscreen only on my arms and face. BAAAAD IDEA. Now I have this ginormous sunburn that goes down from my knees to feet and it is insanely painful. And as red as Ryuk's apple-to-be. I am being driven to the verge of insanity and... an empty aloe bottle. xD

Moral of the story, always wear sunscreen no matter what the occassion. ;___; How I'll be able to wear long pants without screaming on Tuesday, I dunno.

On a footnote: Probablemente, en dos meses, voy a entender todo de lo que mi maestra me dice en español.

Creo que estoy volviendo loca. Graciás, los clases en línea jajaja.

If you haven't noticed already, I'm really weird. I don't know if I've always been this weird, but I'm weird. I think anime is getting to my head. After all, I've watched at LEAST 45 anime shows, and hundreds more dramas and reality TV shows hah. I wouldn't be surprised if my personality was just a mush of everything I've ever seen since 8th grade.

My favorite song as of now: