Extended Hiatus

Lately, I've been falling behind a TON in my online classes, so I don't think I'll be uploading anything for quite awhile. Sorry guys. :/ It's just that I have loads of school homework (barely hanging onto an A in AP English lang), millions of online assignments, ECs, golf practice daily until 7, band practice, jobs, volunteer work, and other stuff. My time is being totally dominated by school lately, and I'm lucky enough to get 5 hours of sleep. ;3; During my free time, I'm just going to quietly lurk mangafox and read manga to relax myself, so I don't have any free time to come on here and make stuff.

See you guys soon.
ohmyjellybeans i can't wait until summer vacation


So, it turns out online classes actually require a fair amount of work LOL.
Even if they're just honors. Fufufu.
I dunno if I want to take 3 online APs anymore... I'm probably going to switch out AP stats for AP econ because stats has really small quizzes that could kill my grade if I even missed one question, while econ just has millions of easy assignments that you can reset over and over again LOL.
I'm so lazy omg. I haven't even finished my summer reading yet, and school has already started fufufufu.

Anyways, that said, I'm forcing myself to hiatus from TheO in order to focus on my studies (AP exams, USABO, SAT, school grades and GPA, ECs, volunteer work, and most importantly atm, the PSAT). I am aware that I have icon requests so I'll probably finish those... sooner or later. If you need me for anything comment here or PM me. I'll probably be on checking my messages, but no graphics for this girl for awhile. xD

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Don't worry life, I'm coming back to get you soon. <3
I'LL BE BACK, 넌다시 나를 찿을꺼야~ ㅠㅠ
Random, relevant Kpop songs ftw.