Studying and Procrastination

Okay, semi-irrelevant but who cares. I LOVE THIS STUFF.

So, I went to work yesterday and realized something. SCHOOL STARTS IN EXACTLY A WEEK. When did time fly by so quickly?
I still have to finish my summer reading notes, so basically I've been panicking for the last three hours doing nothing to actually finish my work LOL.

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So yeah. That's basically been my morning. I slept insanely late last night because I ate too much chicken and had a tummy ache, and then my dad woke me up super early today to work on something. I'm half asleep at the moment but I can't get myself to fall back asleep. Blah.

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Anyways. So, being the insanely masochistic person that my alter ego is, I subconsciously decided to take 11 AP exams (self studying 9 of them roflroflrofl), attempt to get to semis for USABO, and take an online AP class to maintain my salutatorian rank (band-lacking rich people who can afford more online APs than me, you so lucky-lolbutnosrsly, I have to take two online APs just to have the same weighted GPA as someone who isn't in band.)

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And Yoochun thinks... "It's all your fault" - not that a ring is anyhow relevant to anything I'm talking about but I like this GIF and his face

HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO MANAGE THIS LOLOLOL. Is it even possible for me to maintain my ECs, GPA, sport (which I suck at fufufu), SAT scores, SAT II study, and everything else along with this?
Then again, it probably is my fault for not having opened any of my AP study guides over summer vacation...... I blame TheO. For July at least lol. NO idea what I even did during June, thanks to my fail memory.

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I opened my AP chem book today and after the first thing I was like whaaat. It was talking about quantum numbers and orbitals and... other stuff. I was lost after two words. And for AP comp sci... the introduction discussed data sets and I couldn't even understand the definitions of the terms LOL.

I do not live up to stereotypical Asian expectations, no I don't.
I'd rather watch dramas all day and practice my dancing. Yush. LIKE DEES.

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내가 너무예쁘, 너무 너무 예쁘, 라라라라라라라라라랄라ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ~ 후후후하하하히히히휴휴휴휴.

Before I frolic off into the distance to start working on my summer reading notes, I must say something.

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By the way is anyone planning on taking the SAT in October, November or December? If so we should totally be study buddies. :D

That and for these AP exams: AP Chem, AP HuG, APES, AP US Govt, both AP economics, AP English lang, APUSH, AP stats, AP comp sci, and possibly AP Calc BC (I'm highly considering selfing this one because I just realized that in a month, I completely forgot all of my trig and I'm worried about what would happen if I didn't open a math textbook for a whole school year lol.)

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we can fight you~