Hi there!

NickName:Jess or Shukaku
Likes:Getting into trouble, pizza, Music, Writing Stories, Friends, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Azumanga Daioh, Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo, Doing whatever I want, and other anime.
Dislikes:Being told what to do, Math, annoying things
Anime Family:Sasori(Father), Karura(Mother), Naara(Older Brother, Mallificent*cough*Mallie(Evil Older Twin sis), Deidara(Uncle), Yashamaru(Step Uncle)
Clubs I belong to:SSJ Ninja Club-As Shukaku~Genin, Teh Biju Club-As Shukaku~Co Leader, and The Naruto Main Club-As Gaara
What I'm doing right now:Writing!^_^
My TheO buddys(It's a long list, so I'll name like five of them):Cate/Deiara/Kyuubi(DeidaraNarutoClan), Marcus(Markus wolfe), Keith/Isonade/Itachi(kiba inuzuka5), Raijuu/solange(vdr-07), Kiki/Misa(leeluver1)

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~Drunk Shukaku

The OC Belly Meme

A meme that I created today :3 Enjoy!

1.) Pick one of your OC's
2.) Answer the Questions in you and your OC's Point Of View
3.) Tag 3 people
4.) Have Fun


1.) Hi, what your name?

Me: I'm Jessica.

2.) Who's your OC you wanna use today?

Me: *grabs Jess* This is my main OC, Jess
Jess: *waves to audience* Hi! :D

3.) Before we get started, is there a favorite food or drink your OC loves?

Me: Jess would eat anything... -_-'
Jess: *chewing on a dollar bill* What?

General Thoughts:
What are you and your OC's thoughts about your OC having....

1.) A Big, Fat Belly?

Me: *looks at Jess* Wow, you ate too much -.-'
Jess: *pokes her big belly* Why do I have a fat tummy? ._.'

2.) A Vore (Cannibal) Belly?

Me: *sees Jess eating half the population of Tokyo* O_o' I don't wanna get eaten! *runs away*
Jess: Now this is the one I really love! Mmmmmm, humans taste good alive ^^ *burps, pats belly, then sees me running away* Ummm, where are you going?
People inside Jess: AAAAH! We're going to be digested!!! Someone help us! D:

3.) An Air-Inflated Belly?

Me: *sees Jess floating in the air* Holy Crap! O_o'
Jess: *doesn't like it* Someone get me down! DX *is flying away*

4.) A Water (or drink-filled) Belly?

Me: I knew this was bound to happen...
Jess: What? I like Apple Juice...

5.) A Pregnant Belly (Even if your OC's a male) ?

Me: She was already pregnant to begin with...
Jess: *rubs her belly* My little princess is in here :3
Chiyukoe (Baby in Jess): Hi Mommy! :3

6.) Which belly out of the five sounds like your favorite one so far?

Me: I like the food-filled belly and the pregnant belly together.^^ But Jess likes the Vore belly better T_T
Jess: I can eat all the people that I hate ^^

Weight Gain

1.) Does your OC eat a lot?

Me: Only when pregnant
Jess: *eats a lot in order to feed her daughter*

2.) What would happen if your OC ate too much?

Me: She'll be so fat, she'd need Universe-Sized clothing just for her...
Jess: Hey! >.< That's not nice! D: *her clothes rip apart*

3.) What does your OC's belly sounds like when eating too much?

*Jess's belly growls very loudly and hungerily*
Jess: I get hungry a lot...

4.) Would your OC like this belly? Why or Why Not?

Me: It depends...
Jess: I don't know... I only like it when I'm alone or if Taro-Kun's around

5.) Now put yourself in a fattening Situation

Me: *gets fatter and fatter* AAAAAHHHHHHH! *hides and starts to cry* I'm huge! T_T
Jess: *pats my back* There, there... Everything will be alright


1.) Is your OC a predator (eats people) or prey (gets eaten)?

Me: Both, but Jess would really like to be eaten
Jess: *is in her husband, Taro's, stomach* Yay~! :D

2.) What would happen if your OC started to eat humans (AKA went cannibal)?

Me: Jess would go on a rampage, eating anyone on sight, and would have mood swings...
Jess: *is swallowing Keith (Cate's Enemy) and sitting down, enjoying it* I love this >:3

3.) What does your OC's belly sounds like when eating innocent people?

*muffled screaming is heard in Jess's belly as loud gurgling sounds are heard and everything starts to digest*
Jess: *just stares at her stomach* Wow... *pokes her loud tummy in amazement*

4.) Would your OC like this belly? Why or Why Not?

Me: She'll like it because her children that she's pregnant with are cannibalistic and she will do anything for them....... Also, she likes it because Taro sometimes feed her freshly dead bodies
Jess: But still, I rather be eaten by my Taro :3

5.) Now put yourself in a Vore (Whether eating someone or getting eaten) Situation

Jess: *calls out to her husband's plant* Oh Junior! Jessica wants to be eaten by you!
*suddenly, a giant purple flytrap comes out from the darkness*
Junior: *licks lips* Yum, food! >:) *opens mouth wide and eats me whole*
Me: Usually I would scream and beg to be spat out, but since it's my cute, adorable flytrap OC Junior that ate me, I'm liking this :D *relaxes*
Junior: *swallows, transforms in his human form, puts on eye glasses, and smirks* That was tasty >:) Thanks Jess *burps very loudly, pieces of my black hair flying out of his mouth* Oops, excuse me ^^' *lies down and rubs his huge belly*
Jess: *pats Jr's head* Good boy ^^


1.) Do you and your OC like balloons?

Me and Jess: We love balloons! :D

2.) What would happen if you filled your OC with air or helium?

Me: *watches Jess floating in the air*
Jess: Help me! D:

3.) What does your OC's belly sounds like when being filled with air?

*Jess's belly is filled with air, so it makes a woosh sound*
Jess: >>'

4.) Would your OC like this belly? Why or Why Not?

Me: No because she can't walk or do anything in this form -_-'
Jess: I hate it >.<'

5.) Now put yourself in an Inflating Situation.

Me: *putting helium in mouth*
Jess: What are you doing?
Me: *has a squeaky voice* I like having a funny voice XD

Drinking (Not Alcohol Drinking)

1.) What does your OC like to drink? Do they drink a lot?

Jess: Anything, but I like fruit punch :D
Me: Me too :D

2.) What would happen if your OC drinks gallons of their favorite drink?

Me: I dunno, she'll be noisy all day
Jess: *drinking a lot of fruit juice*

3.) What does your OC's belly sound like when filled up by water?

*belly sloshes and bounces a little with juice shaking in it*
Jess: Boy, I was really thristy!

4.) Would your OC like this belly? Why or Why Not?

Me: Yes and no. She likes the noise her belly makes but she hates going to the bathroom all the tiime
Jess: *is at the bathroom*

5.) Now put yourself in a drinking water (or milk) situation.

Me: *accidently eats a sponge, then drinks some water*
Jess: That wasn't a very good idea -_-'
Me: *gets bloated from too much water*


1.) Is your OC pregnant? If your OC's a boy instead, who's the mother?

Me: Yup 16 and pregnant with a baby girl now
Jess: Her name is Chiyukoe! :D It means "The Healing Voice"

2.) What would happen if your OC (whter boy or girl) is pregnant?

Jess: I'm already am! *smiles and hugs belly*
Chiyukoe: Mama! :D
*Jess's belly shakes with happiness and cooes softly for a hug*

3.) How does your OC handle the pressure of getting a child?

Jess: I'll do everything what my children tell me to do^^'
Me: *slaps forehead* And this is their protective mother -_-'

4.) Does your OC like pregnancy? Why or Why Not?

Jess: I like it... I love children being inside me. *hugs her belly*

5.) Now put yourself in a Pregnant Situation.

Me: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I don't wanna be pregnant!!! *runs away*


1.) At the end, what was your favorite part out of this whole meme?

Me getting eaten by Junior in the "Vore" section X3 I liked that! *rubs Jr's tummy from the inside*
Junior: *cooes and scratches his tummy* You want me to eat Cate so you two could be together?
Me: That would be nice :3
Junior: Okay^^ More food for me then *goes to find my friends to eat them for dessert*

2.) Did you have fun doing this?

Yup! ^^

3.) Now poke, I mean Tag, some people!

Anyone can do this! :3
Junior and Jess: *pokes Taro and Cate (DeidaraNarutoClan)* You two do this :3 You got tagged

Change of Plans

I'm seeing Othello tomorrow since my mom had a meeting to go to -_-'

So I'm back...


Going to see a play

At 7:30 PM, I'm going to Shakespeare On The Sound. It comes every summer to perform Shakespeare's play. This year's play is Othello, so I'm going to see it.

I'll be back later.

Also during the play, I'll be writing more about my favorite OC in the world, Othello Boogie (Oogie Boogie's Grandfather) from Nightmare Before Christmas.

I'll tell you about the play later


I was bored so I did this very LONG OC meme

Pick 5 OC's:
1) Othello Boogie (My Nightmare Before Christmas OC)
2) Shukaku Ichibi (My Naruto OC)
3) Jessica of The Sand (My universal OC)
4) Maggie the Mismagius (My Pokemon Gijinka OC)
5) Jessy Jr. (My Little Shop of Horrors OC)

1] Hello~! How goes it?
Othello: Good
Shukaku: Fine
Jess: It could be better...
Maggie: Great!
Junior: *shrugs*

2] What do you want to be doing?
Othello: Having fun -_-'
Shukaku: Being with my wife and kids
Jess: Having sex with Taro-kun
Maggie: Going on a date with Leon
Junior: Feeding on Taro's blood...

3]What's your fave song?
Othello: Let the Bodies Hit The Floor by Drowning Pool
Shukaku: Bleed It Out by Linkin Park
Jess: Survivor by Destiny's Child
Maggie: Pain by Three Days Grace
Junior: D.S. by Michael Jackson

4] What if someone came up to you and demanded something disturbing?
Othello: *shows scythe* I'd kill 'em
Shukaku: O_o' I don't wanna know
Jess: I'd slap them
Maggie: Me too
Junior: I'd eat them :D *eats someone* There, problem solved! ^^ *burps* Excuse me...

5] What's your fave shape?
Othello: Crescents
Shukaku: Stars
Jess: Hearts
Maggie: Triangles
Junior: Circles

6] How would you describe yourself?
Othello: An ugly, messed up monster
Shukaku: A handsome tanuki who deserves to be the Biju King! *winks at his wife*
Jess: A nerdy slut who is too stupid to comprehend basic necessities of life
Maggie: A creature
Junior: An unloved freak who can't talk

7]How do you feel about taking this?
Othello: Bored
Shukaku: Excited! :D
Jess: Tired
Maggie: Annoyed
Junior: I dunno

8]Are you still bored?
Othello: Yup
Shukaku: Nope
Jess: Nope
Maggie: Yup
Junior: Dunno

9] What are you addicted to?
Othello: Bugs...
Shukaku: Sake and kissing Yuri-chan! X3
Jess: Anything... Like metal, chocolate, ramen, chocolate, money, did I say chocolate?
Maggie: Poke-Block ^^
Junior: Blood *sees you bleeding* I'm hungry now *licks you*

10] What do you do all day?
Othello: Watch over my Halloween Town on top of Holiday Trash Hill
Shukaku: Taking care of my family
Jess: Feeding eleven mouths and trying not to be moody... I am pregnant, you know...
Maggie: Stay in my cave
Junior: Calling Taro all day so he could feed me all night long and I help him go on his dates with Jess-sama

11] What's your middle name?
Othello: Reaper
Shukaku: Tanuki
Jess: Sabuku
Maggie: I don't have one
Junior: Audrey.... it's a family name

12] Who would you kill?
Othello: Jack-O-Lantern.... Sadly I can't because of our deal
Shukaku: Anyone who lays a finger on my wife
Jess: Anyone who DARES hurt my friends and family
Maggie: No one
Junior: Anyone... I dunno

13] Do you feel sick?
Othello: *sneezes* Yeah, I am sick... But I don't know a doctor who's as big as me... *his coughs make slight tremors in the ground*
Shukaku: Nope
Jess: *she has a stomach ache* Yeah
Maggie: No
Junior: Not really

14] Do you know a person named Hunter?
Othello: Yeah, I know him! Hunter the Zombie Ninja! :D He and I were great friends
Shukaku: Nope
Jess: I know Hunter the Were-Hog.... He's in a forest somewhere
Maggie: Not a clue
Junior: Let me check... *coughs up a hat that reads "Hunter" on it* Oh yeah, I knew him well >:)

15] What do you like to eat?
Othello: Insects, garbage, candy, and I ocassionaly eat a few people on accident
Shukaku: Blood, humans, strawberries, chocolate, anything sweet
Jess: Anything... Today, I ate a whole pillow, bed, 50 Peanut Butter sandwiches, and *coughs up money* a bank *pats her bloated stomach* Look like Chiyukoe has a big appetite like her big brother :3
Maggie: Berries
Junior: Blood and Humans.... Right now, I just ate Keith and Avery *burps* They were delicious! >:D Thank you, Cate! :D

16] How would describe me?
Othello: A very, very small little obsessed girl?
Shukaku: A lazy, good for nothing chick?
Jess: Confused...
Maggie: Some girl who wouldn't get a date even if she tried?
Junior: A nice, pretty woman :3

17]Are you Emo?
Othello: Yeah
Shukaku: No
Jess: Sometimes
Maggie: Yeah
Junior: Sometimes

18] Who do you think is a bookworm?
Othello: I'm a bookworm
Shukaku: Hachi's the bookworm... I read sometimes too
Jess: I'm a major bookworm
Maggie: I think Faye's a bookworm
Junior: I'm a HUGE bookworm *is reading To Kill A MockingBird*

19] Do you want to be home or at school/work?
Everyone: Home... Obviously

20] Do you like to play Wall-Ball?
Othello: I love that game. Hell, I INVENTED that game! :D
Shukaku: No, I always get hit by the ball
Jess: No, no one want's to play with me
Maggie: What's Wall-Ball?
Junior: Yeah

21] Do you have (a) pet(s)?
Othello: My big black hellhound named Shuck :D
Shukaku: No....
Jess: A lot actually... Cats, bats, dogs... you name it... Right now, my biggest responsibility is my Ceberus's
Maggie: No... I am technically a pet -_-
Junior: Does Taro count?

22]Do you like soda?
Othello: Yeah, I love soda... I wish they had one my size... *suddenly a giant bottle of Coca-Cola appears* Awesome! ^^ *takes soda* Thanks creator! *drinks*
Shukaku: I like sake more, but I'm up for some soda
Jess: *is drinking 4 gallons of Dr. Pepper* Yup^^
Maggie: Never tried it before
Junior: *on a sugar rush after drinking orange soda* Yeaheyaheayeyaheyehayehaeyah! >XD

23] Does school/work make you fat?
Othello: Yeah... I blame work and Jack for making me this size T_T *is about 3 tons total*
Shukaku: Surprisingly no...
Jess: Yeah -_-' Although I look skinny... I am gaining a lot of weight because of Chiyukoe
Maggie: No way in hell
Junior: I don't have work... Because of my dad's DNA, I can grow big but I won't be fat :D

24] Do you like your name?
Othello: Yeah, even though it's an ironic name for my life and death, I still like it
Shukaku: My name means drunkard or something like that, so I dunno whether I like it or not
Jess: Of course. I've been named after my creator... I love my name
Maggie: No, I think it's a slut's name -_-'
Junior: Yeah. It fits my style

25] If not, tell us what name you want~ <3
Othello: Othello
Shukaku: Shukaku the Great Biju King :3
Jess: Jess
Maggie: Missy, that was my old name
Junior: Jr.

26] Do you forget to put your name on papers?
Othello: Yeah
Shukaku: Yeah
Jess: No
Maggie: Yeah
Junior: No

27] Do you wish you had powers?
Othello: *turns you into a tiny little LadyBug* I have un-worldy powers you can't comprehend!
Shukaku: I can control sand
Jess: *shrugs* I don't know half my my powers anymore
Maggie: I have powers... Watch ... Shadow Ball! *throws a Shadow Ball at the viewer*
Junior: *uses hypnosis on you so you will be his slave* Slave, get me something to eat, now... You see? This is my power! :D

28]Do you wish for the impossible?
Everyone: Yeah

29] Do you think this is pointless?
Othello: No
Shukaku: Yup
Jess: No
Maggie: Yup
Junior: Nope

30]What's your fave number?
Othello: 9
Shukaku: 1
Jess: 3
Maggie: 7
Junior: 13

31] Do you think I'm lazy?
Othello: No... you're too busy
Shukaku: Yeah
Jess: Yeah
Maggie: Double yes
Junior: No

32] Are you lazy?
Othello: No
Shukaku: Sometimes
Jess: Sometimes
Maggie: No
Junior: A little

33] Do you own a tennis ball?
Othello: *takes out many tennis balls from his garbage filled body and throws them at you* There, you can have them!
Shukaku: *juggles one from his tail*
Jess: *just ate her tennis ball* O_o'
Maggie: No
Junior: *uses a tennis ball to kill a person* Food! :D

34] Do you text talk?
Othello: Yeah, I cn TXT tlk but I dnt wnt 2 cuz n1 undastnds it anyway
Shukaku: No
Jess: Maybe
Maggie: No
Junior: No

35]Do you hate really smart people?
Othello: No
Shukaku: Yeah
Jess: Sometimes
Maggie: Yeah
Junior: Yeah

36] Do you feel pissed off?
Othello: Not at the moment
Shukaku: Yeah
Jess: No
Maggie: Nope
Junior: Yeah... Taro's not here

37]Would you rather be sleeping?
Othello: *is dozing off* Yup I'm sleepy
Shukaku: *falls asleep on you*
Jess: Yeah
Maggie: No
Junior: Yeah...

38] Do you like the color Gray?
Othello: After I've seen the color for MANY centuries, I'm used to it
Shukaku: No
Jess: No
Maggie: No
Junior: No

39] Would you rather be the oppisite gender?
Othello: *turns into a girl* NO WAY! *turns back into a boy*
Shukaku: *turns into a girl* AUGH! >.<
Jess: *turns into a boy* I look like Jr.
Maggie: *turns into a boy* AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!
Junior: *turns into a girl* I look like Jess and I'm a hermaphrodite anyway

40] Would you rather be a giant or a chibi and why?
Othello: I'm stuck as a giant for eternity -_-' The good thing about it is that I can see the world from my view and I'm very powerful... Plus I feel like a father from up here *is about 130 feet tall*
Shukaku: Giant... That way, I can protect everyone who is precious to me!
Jess: *shrugs* To me it doesn't matter... but I rather be a chibi cuz' with chibi's, Taro could just eat me up and I can play in his sexy stomach all day long... If I'm a giant, sometimes I'm naked and perverts stare at me
Maggie: Chibi... They're cute
Junior: No matter how gigantic I am, I'm cute as a chibi so I pick both^^

41] Do you get deja vu a lot?
Othello: Yeah
Shukaku: Sometimes
Jess: Yes
Maggie: No
Junior: No

42] Circle or square?
Othello: Circle
Shukaku: Circle
Jess: Circle
Maggie: Square
Junior: Circle

43] Tall or short?
Othello: Tall
Shukaku: Tall
Jess: Tall
Maggie: Short
Junior: Tall

44] Do you watch football?
Othello: Naw
Shukaku: Yeah!
Jess: Yup
Maggie: No
Junior: Nope

45] Do you like school/work?
Everyone: No one does

46]Do you feel tired?
Othello: Yeah
Shukaku: No
Jess: Yeah
Maggie: Yeah
Junior: Yeah

47] Fave Ice Cream flavor?
Othello: Chocolate
Shukaku: Chocolate
Jess: Chocolate
Maggie: What's ice cream?
Junior: Chocolate with Blood

48]Fave movie/book series?
Othello: Alice in WonderLand..... Shut up.... >.<
Shukaku: Clash of the Titans
Jess: Pitch Black
Maggie: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
Junior: The Host by Stephenie Meyer... Although she messed up Twilight (Really, I hate Twilight), I like this new series because it explains more about judging people and aliens about their appearence and not their personality... This alien one is better in my opinion

49] Do you think you're smart?
Othello: I dunno
Shukaku: Maybe
Jess: No
Maggie: No
Junior: No

50] Xxx xxx xxx xxxxx?
Everyone: THE HELL!?!

51] What did I say in #50?
Everyone: We didn't understand any of that!

52]Are you double-jointed?
Othello: Yeah
Shukaku: No
Jess: Yeah
Maggie: No
Junior: Yeah

53] Do you enjoy excersising?
Othello: No
Shukaku: No
Jess: Sometimes
Maggie: Yeah
Junior: No

54] Do you feel disturbed?
Othello: Yes
Shukaku: Yes
Jess: Yes
Maggie: Yes
Junior: No

55] Pie-Flavored pie?
Othello: Yes please^^
Shukaku: No thanks
Jess: Sure^^
Maggie: Naw... I don't like pie
Junior: Yum pie! :D

56] Do you know what PJatO means?
Everyone: Hell no!

57] How old are you?
Othello: I'm centuries old... I'm immortal. In Halloween Town though, I look like age 27
Shukaku: I look 19 but I'm old... Yes, I admit it Teme -_-'
Jess: 16 ^^
Maggie: I forgot ^^'
Junior: I dunno

58] How tall are you?
Othello: 130' 1"
Shukaku: 50' 2"
Jess: 5' 3.5"
Maggie: 6' 7"
Junior: 70' 5"

59] Fave Video Game?
Othello: Fall Out 3
Shukaku: Fable 2
Jess: Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge
Maggie: Kingdom Hearts series
Junior: Naruto: Clash of The Ninja 3

60] It's over! Now everyone tag one person. :3
Othello: Hybrid
Shukaku: Kyuubi
Jess: Taro
Maggie: Faye
Junior: Anyone who wants to do this I guess

Another Meme

List 12 of your Original Characters:

1. Jessica of The Sand
2. Audrey 2 "Twoey"
3. Vinnie
4. Squadd
5. Aoi
6. Violet
7. Trix
8. Soxer
9. Jessy Jr.
10. Arachnea Chikumo
11. Naara Uzumaki
12. Spits

1) Six is having a birthday party. What does eleven get them?
Naara: I got you a set of kitchen knives... *throws the knives to Violet*
Violet: *smirks and catches knives* Thanks

2) Is four popular with the opposite gender?
Squadd: Nope, I'm not T_T'

3) What would happen if twelve and eight were forced to take care of someone else's baby?
Jess: Now boys, Taro, Deiara, Twoey and I are going on our dates. Take care of Hotaru and Junoir while we're gone, okay? *leaves*
Spits: Why me? -_-'
Soxer: C'mon, dude! It's just Hotaru and my little bro... What could go wrong with that?
*few minutes later*
Soxer: I had to ask -_-'
Jessy Jr: *burps and smiles* Spider tastes good! >:3
Hotaru: *after destorying the house* Cousin Soxer, why did Jr eat Uncle Spits? D:
Soxer: *sighs*

4) Nine and One are waiting in line at the grocery store to buy groceries. What are they thinking? Why is one wearing a Brittany Spears Mask?
Jessy Jr: I hope that Taro comes soon so he could have sex with Jessy-sama and feed me *sighs then looks at Jess*
Jess: Ahhhhh DX< Get this stupid mask off me! *runs around the store*

5) What are two's feelings about six?
Twoey: Violet? She's okay. I just don't want her to cut herself, that's all... *looks down ashamed*

6) If five had to choose between going on a date to Disneyland with nine or ten, who would they choose?
Aoi: Both!^^ Jr and I could have fun at Disneyland. After that, we could have Ara for dinner >:D
Ara: O_o' *runs away*

7) What would two do to twelve if seven was in a car accident and lost their arm and twelve was the one that was driving?
Twoey: *glares at Spits and shows teeth*
Spits: Uh oh... not again! ._.'
Trix: *watches her dad beat up Spits to a bloody pulp*

8) What would happen if three and ten went on a date?
*Vinnie and Ara leave this meme because of this question*

9) Why does one think eight is the Muffin Man?
Jess: He likes muffins -_-'
Soxer: *eats a bulberry muffin with blood on it*

10) Twelve is upset and seven is trying to comfort them. How does it go? Why is twelve upset?
Spits: Waaaahhh! Dollface doesn't like me! D:
Trix: Yes she does. Now don't be a crybaby! *punches Spits's back*

11) Four has a brand new car and is trying to convince one to take it on a joy-ride with them. What happens?
*in Car*
Jess: *driving fast* Must... go... to..... PIZZA!
Squadd: Oh no. I forgot that Jess is pregnant with another kid! Um Jessy, do you know how to drive?
Jess: Nope! ^^' But I don't care
Squadd: O_o' MOMMY TWOEY!

12) Three wakes up in Wonderland. What do they do?
Vinnie: *gets lost* Where am I? ._.'

13) Eleven has just come across a beautiful meadow filled with flowers. What do they do?
Naara: *grabs some flowers and eats them* Hmmm, not bad :)

14) Two, four, and five are lost in the woods with Cheshire Cat. What happens?
Aoi: *chases Cheshire Cat* Come back, pretty kitty!
Squadd: *slaps forehead* Why? *is connected to his dad, who's sleeping at the moment*

15) What might ten scream at a great moment of passion?

16) What song could be eight's theme song?
Pump It by Black Eyed Peas

17) One wants six to give someone a love note, but six accidentally gives it to twelve. What happens?
Spits: Ummmm O_o' You love me?
Violet: ._.' I'll never take your advice again...
Jess: -_-' Figures...

18) Ten and two get stuck as roommates at summer camp. What happens?
Twoey: Krelborn... *glares*
Ara: O-o' Twoey... I know we have our differences, but-
*Ara gets eaten*

19) Everyone is at a pool party. Six is drowning. Who saves them?
Vinnie: Violet! O.O' *dives in and saves Violet*

20) Everyone get's together to have a sleepover. Who's house do they stay at? What happens?
*at Naara's apartment in some random city I'm too lazy to mention*
Naara: Ok, everyone is having fun?
Jess, Ara, and Spits: Naara, we have a problem.
All FlyTraps: Feed Me... *wilting*
Naara: Oh my... ._.'
Jess: Don't worry, guys^^ I'll get them food *leaves*
The three boys: Wait, don't leave us! D: We're going to be dead! *Jess doesn't hear them. They turn towards the flytraps*
Twoey: *licks lips* Suppertime...
Jess: *comes in* I'm back with some dead people! Um guys?
FlyTraps: *bigger and they have a louder voice* FEED ME!
Jess: Wow, you guys grew up! Did you all eat the boys?
Jr: *spits out Ara's glasses*
Trix: We did^^ Naara tasted bad though... We want more food D:
Jess: Alright, I'll do it... :D

21) Rise and shine! It's morning!!! Who makes breakfast? What do they make? Does it turn out right?
Jess: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ *knocked out after feeding the plants a long time*
*All the Flytraps are HUGE and they are sleeping and snoring*
Jr: *who isn't a morning person, wakes up* Huh? * yawns* Wow, we grew... O_o' *looks at Jess* Poor Jess D: She's too tired... I'll make her breakfast^^ *goes to the kitchen and makes breakfast*
Soxer: *nudges Jess* Hey, wake up...
Jess: T_T I'm too sleepy... *Soxer helps her get up to the kitchen*
Jr: *is silent but smiling*
Jess: Hey Junoir... Wow, you made this? *points to omelette, bacon, and toast*
Jr: *nods*
Jess: *tastes it* It's good... Thank you^^
Jr: :) *smiles*

22) Time to go home! This meme is over. Isn't it sad?? D:
Yup, very sad.... I'll tag anyone who wants to do this^^