My name is Imani.

Age 14.

9th Grade student in Texas.

This is a mere personal blog I have made for me to vent out my thoughts, rant, share the good things and the bad things that's going on, and of course, anime stuff.

Thank you for visiting~

Weekly blog #1

Very sorry I don't post here.

Apparently, my fan art is too big, so I will just use the My World station until I can figure out a way to resize my drawings and sketches out.

I've been spending my winter break with Christmas (of course), loads of Amazon orders, my drawing tablet, drama, Funimation, and lastly loads of hate and being annoyed.

To be honest, I have never dreaded the school breaks to come until now. I thought winter break was supposed to be fun, but I spent my time doing nothing, but dreading that people would leave me alone and let me spend some time with family and those I never get the chance to talk to.

....I sound selfish, don't I?
Sorry about that...

But i've learned many things this break:

One, I'd like to have my chances of having friends rather than dating. Dating seems to be worse than anything else in my case now.
Two, Always eat. (I was throwing up for about 2 days cause of this.)
Three, The friends you've known the longest know you the most and will not make you feel bad about what you've done. (Thank you so much, Ariel and Megan. <3 You guys are honestly the most helpful friends I've ever had.)

But, at least some good things came from the break as well.
I got Lucky Star (Limited edition), a K-ON! poster, some plushies, a new iPod Touch, a Yozora figure, and much more things.

Plus, I'm finally on my own for once. It feels quite nice.
And Tumblr sure is a good place to cheer me up. Good job, Hetalians. I bless you all.

I really don't want to go back to school, but I have to anyway. uwu I'll live...

uwu Sorry for this pointless entry.