"Small simple safe price.Rise the wake and carry me with all my regrets, this is not a small cut, that scabs, and dries, and flakes, and heals. I am not a afriad to die; I'm not afriad to bleed, and fuck, and fight, I want the pain of payment. The very thought of you makes my heart stop as if thousands of your blades peirced it at once, each a sharp bliss."

I'll never forget those words that are as beautiful as my face

I hate liars.....

It's so fucking great to be back in the mansion! I even have my room waiting for me! Smile was waiting for me, as if I didn't know that would happen. I talked to some of the guys and even played with Sally. I was in a pretty good mood being back.

At least I was. Aiden this, Aiden that, I don't fucking care! Then Jane comes back as if she's the second coming of Jesus. More like opposite day for trash days. I could have saved myself! I was just used to having a little slave who only distracted me and weighed me down!

Slenderman is on my case about killing that lying bitch. If she was supposed to be a guy she should have stayed one! And if he was THAT worried about her, why bring her?! Fucking idiot!

She's never going to be a creepypasta. She didn't leave a mark, andshe was more forgettable than Jane the knock off! I made sure that liar wouldn't keep that pretty face, I sliced it, and I took out those red eyes...... My favorite part was carving in that frown.... frown at me one more time, dumbass!

He came back!

Hi guys, it's me, Sally! The mansion is back to normal! After Jeff went away, everything changed. It wasn't a good change. Except for Smile Dog sleeping in my room. Aiden was really sad, and everyone found out that's she's a girl. ...

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Disaster Strikes Local College

It was 9:45 this evening, when the school police had to call in back up from the local sheriff's department. It seems Jeff the killer has made a return for the worse.

In dorm number 363, a local student was found with a knife in her chest with the words "go to sleep" carved throughout her room. She'd been in her room alone, when the attack occurred. There were signs of struggle during the deadly assault. But, there were no signs of a break in.

As the sheriff searched through the dorms with back up force, there had been more bodies found, decaying in the very walls between the rooms. Each with blunt trauma to the head, deep scratches, and self inflicted wounds. The families of the deceased have been informed and are currently in mourning.

The live in student was the first to be found, and the only one with distinct markings. But, instead of the signature carved smile, a permanent frown has been carved into her face. Even more odd, there were no signs of a break in or a struggle. It is going to go under investigation on how the infamous killer escaped and was able to go on such killing spree for so long without getting caught.

Jeff the killer is back and has gotten better. The serial killer is currently on the loose and with no leads, is at large once again. Please be safe and keep your doors locked. A curfew will be issued promptly.
-Channel 8 midnight broadcast

I guess I was wrong.

Jeff came to my dorm this afternoon. He wanted to apologize for how he's been behaving. There's no way Jeff the Killer would be so apologetic to anyone. I guess he really is gone... We sat and talked for a while. It was so, boring. His...

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Everyone's gone...

I locked myself in my room for a week. I can't seem to shake off this new attitude. I don't think I can. .... I don't think I want to. Aiden left me alone after the first day. She's just been slipping my assignments under my door. I don...

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