Living the Life

I love summer so much! However, I had to take summer school this year because my parents wanted me to take Driver's Ed. I decided to make life more fun in summer school and took Photography class, as well. Both of them turned out to be amazing experiences; there were many laughs. I learned a lot of stuff I didn't know about taking photos. I got better at driving, too! There was one time where I was trying to adjust my rearview mirror and I ended up pressing the On-Star button in the process. It was pretty funny. In Photography, there were a few days when we went to Sonic and chilled out there. My art teacher made fun of me because I was the smallest person and I ordered the most food. Also, one day he took one of my cheddar bites to "make sure it wasn't poisonous." Nice one, sir. Anyways, I just got out of summer school a week ago, and my art teacher is retiring. He was definitly one of the best teachers I have had. Ever. He was a big help to my art. He was super funny, too! He'll be missed by my friends and I. Anyways, this is basically the beginning to my summer, and I am pumped! Woohoo! Soon I might be getting Photoshop. I love Photoshop, it's amazing! Alright,I'm off to do whatever. Bye-bye! <3