Oh Lawdie

So this weekend I accomplished a bunch of art. I'm pretty proud of myself! My friend Haley and I will be doing a collab story online pretty soon. I'm pumped, man!!

Today is Great!

I feel pretty accomplished today. I managed to beat Metroid Prime 1 on the Wii. I completed it 100%! Yipee! I also got to finish my Lady Gaga picture :) I might also start to write a story, which is something I have been waiting to do for a long time. There just hasn't been any inspiration yet, but I'm working on it. School starts in a month. It's a bitter-sweet feeling because I want to see my friends and meet new people, but I don't want to do a bunch of work. I'm going to be in all advanced classes, but I got into Drama!!! I'm soooo pumped to be in a play. :)

Living the Life

I love summer so much! However, I had to take summer school this year because my parents wanted me to take Driver's Ed. I decided to make life more fun in summer school and took Photography class, as well. Both of them turned out to be amazing experiences; there were many laughs. I learned a lot of stuff I didn't know about taking photos. I got better at driving, too! There was one time where I was trying to adjust my rearview mirror and I ended up pressing the On-Star button in the process. It was pretty funny. In Photography, there were a few days when we went to Sonic and chilled out there. My art teacher made fun of me because I was the smallest person and I ordered the most food. Also, one day he took one of my cheddar bites to "make sure it wasn't poisonous." Nice one, sir. Anyways, I just got out of summer school a week ago, and my art teacher is retiring. He was definitly one of the best teachers I have had. Ever. He was a big help to my art. He was super funny, too! He'll be missed by my friends and I. Anyways, this is basically the beginning to my summer, and I am pumped! Woohoo! Soon I might be getting Photoshop. I love Photoshop, it's amazing! Alright,I'm off to do whatever. Bye-bye! <3

Account Wars

A long time in an account far, far away, I once owned, I deleted my other account. Well, you see, I used to be "Cinderpaw97," but I wanted to start fresh, have a little something new. I'm kind of a new person, so a new person should get a new account, right? I don't know, high school has just opened my eyes a little, making me a bit more mature and changed made my attitude a bit more toned down. I'm still a big nerd though! Don't worry, I'm not THAT much different... Mwahaha, well enjoy my little world of art and junk!<3