My top five favorite anime; and yours too

Hey guys!It's me gumilovepandagirl and today I am gonna speak to you about my top five favorite anime!
Number five-Fruits Basket-
Fruits Basket is about a teenage girl, about as innocent as they come.Anyways, she becomes and orphan when both of her parents die but her grandparents take her in. Later on her grandparents have to get the house redone so she moves out for a while to stay out of the way, so she rests in the forest. One day while she was stumbling along the woods she finds a house with some figures of animals of the chinese zodiac. Because of her curiosity she observes their beauty when she gets caught by the creator. They talk for a while and they both agree that she can move into the those for a while as long as she cleans for the owners, but she is surprised when she finds out that they are all cursed! IF they hug anyone of the opposite sex they turn into the animal of their chinese zodiac! She must keep it a secret, and keep the house tidy to have some shelter.

Number four- High school of the dead-
High school of the dead is about a group of teenagers who find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. They must fight off zombies, while at the isame time battling the loss of loved ones, and heartbreak along the way to survive.

Number three-Black Butler-
Black butler is about a demon butler and a thirteen year old lord living int he same house, spiritually they are connected and the butler must do whatever the lord says as they travel around Europe and fight off demon hounds,criminals,etc

Number two-Sword art online-
Sword art online takes place in 2022 when Nervegear creates a completely virtual video game for your mind to escape into.At first people were lining up for this game because of the fun, but while they're playing they find out that they must stay in that world until they finish the game.

Number one- Angel Beats-
In Angel Beats a teenage kid dies and winds up in the underworld to team up with the battlefront to fight against Angel so they don't get obliterated and have to experience the horrible memories that still haunts them while to this day.

So that was it guys, I hope you will take these animus into consideration! Tell me your top five favorite anime!

- gumilovepandagirl