mirai nikki roleplay group

I'm staring a roleplay group on kik for mirai nikki
If you would like to join then
You can email me at [email protected]
Or kik me at gumilovepandagirl or message me on here and I will send you further information once you submit :3

I challenge you!

Day one- Angel Beats

TMI tag-

what are you wearing?-Regular jeans,cat ears,aeropostale jacket,soul eater shirt,bracelets up to my shoulder of kandi.

ever been in love- I'm only twelve.

ever had a break up?-I'm twelve. NO.

How tall are you?- 4'11 but I'm a short kid according to everyone at my school.

how much do you weigh?- 74lbs.

do you have any tattoos?-No.

piercings?- no but I wear fake snakebites

favorite show?-Angel Beats,Heroes of cosplay,Face off,SAO

favorite bands?- Black Veil Brides,Ghost town

something you miss?- The brownie I ate earlier today.

Favorite song?- Do you really think I can choose a favorite song?

How old are you?- I'm gonna be 12 next saturday.

Zodiac sign?- Saggitarius

Favorite quote?-The only thing we have to fear is fear itself...and spiders.

Favorite actor?-Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite color?-PInk and Black

Loud music or soft music?-Loud

Where do you go when you're sad?-I hide in the pantry

How long does it take you to shower?-45 minutes

How long does it take you to wake up in the morning?- 2minutes I sleep in until my Mom yells at me then I get ready.

Ever been in a physical fight?-With my step sister and brother

Fears?-Bugs,spiders,mirrors,bathrooms,oceans,heights,ghosts,demons,under the bed,getting worms

Last thing that made you cry?-Family issues

Last time you said you loved someone?- This morning to my Dad.

Last book you read?-ALice's adventures in wonderland...throught the looking glass

Book you are currently reading?-ALice's adventures in wonderland...through the looking glass

Last show you watched?-I don't know

Last person you talked to on the phone?- My grandma jackie

Favorite food?-Edible stuff

Place you want to visit?- Japan

Favorite flavor of sweet?-Chocolate

What instrument do you play?-Clarinet

Favorite piece of jewelry?- All my Kandi

Last sport you played?-......I walked to the kitchen

Last song you sang?-ALice by Gumi

Favorite pick up line?- "You killed Frosty the Snowman!Because you're so hot!"-I am proud to say that I came up with that.

50 random things about me (part two)

one- When I go to bed I go to the other side of the room for a running start then launch into my bed because I'm afraid a hand is gonna come out from under the bed and drag me to my doom.
two-I start to twitch a little bit and break down when people erase the board at school and leave a tiny spot of marker in the center of the board.
three-I feel naked when I don''t wear my jacket
four-I'm afraid of mirrors
five-I'm afraid of bathrooms
six-I'm afraid that if I use the bathroom at night I will look into the mirror and find Bloody Mary in the mirror.
Seven-I am afraid that if I look at myself in the mirror and look away my reflection will still be staring at me.
eight-I can't do anything in the bathroom...literally anything until I make sure that there isn't a killer or some demon thing in my shower
nine-I have to leave the light on in the bathroom at night or else I flip out.
ten-one night I had my friend stay the night when the hot tub started up.We thought a demon was chilling out in the hot tub until the next morning we found out it was programmed to do that...that was this year.
eleven- I'm afraid constantly that when I turn around something evil will be staring at e
twelve-I would find it flattering to have a stalker
thirteen-I can't eat my dinner unless i dump a bunch of salt on it
fourteen-one time I saw the sixth sense with my daddy when I was six and kept seeing dead people
fifteen -I won't eat the skin on my chicken because I think it's so gross
sixteen-the only reason my plate is colorful is because I have so many Bacon bit's on my potatoes
seventeen-When I eat bacon I only eat the crispy or burnt edges and throw out the chewy part
eighteen-Every morning I wake up I remember every detail of my dreams almost and can explain what happened word for word in my dream.
nineteen-I love the smell of gasoline
twenty- I make coffee every morning...to smell it
twenty one-I started eating green beans because I put cinnamon on them
Twenty two-I had broccoli and cheese one time involuntary and threw up on the rest of my meal...I was never forced to eat broccoli since then
twenty two-I have an amazing memory and remember details from when I was three
twenty three-I am upset about how much I'll miss out on when I die
twenty four-I am looking forward to when we become robots
twenty five-i waste my life watching anime and laughing on the internet