Jamie and Zen- Fireflies Tonight

2:00 in the morning, Jamie and Zen went outside. Zen was catching fireflies. "I came from the city, so there are no fireflies there." Jamie said. "I grew up in the mountains." Zen said. "Cool! Were there fireflies there?" Jamie asked. "Sometimes." Zen answered. Jamie stared up at the sky before talking again. "This is my first time ever seeing a firefly." She said. "I have to take a picture!" Zen said. "You do that. I'm gonna try to catch one." Jamie ran around, chasing a firefly. Just as she was about to catch it, she fell into the lake. Jamie and Zen laughed. "Are you okay?" Zen asked. Jamie got up and said, "Yeah. I am."

Zen- Pixelchu http://sketchfu.com/profile/Pixelchu
Jamie: Me (DFTBA5) http://sketchfu.com/profile/dftba5