Hello my friends! Well like so many of you I'm trying to make myself at home around here and figure out all the new fun stuff to do with Version Vibrant! So far I think I like it so I'm looking forward to being able to make some more fun and hopefully interesting posts and contributions around here! I finally recovered my Photoshop program so I can start making wallpapers and e-cards again! This kitty is one happy camper right now!

Returning kitty...

Hello friends and total strangers and anyone else out there! So it's been a very long time since I've had time to come on here and post but today I decided that I really should come around more often. Mostly because I get bored and no one around here reads and watches as much anime/manga as I do! LOL

So today I am recommending a manga that is completely amazing, hilarious, well written, well drawn and completely overlooked. Onepunch Man by mangaka Yuusuke Murata. It's just a great fast read with a very funny plot line and one I can't resist recommending to everyone!

My return!

Well it has been a while since I've been around the Otaku but tonight for some reason I felt the urge to make some e-cards and of course that meant I had to submit them here for other people to get a laugh or smile or just feel good about themselves for a few minutes! LoL I hope all my friends have been well and are still as happily into anime and manga as I am! And I hope you enjoy the latest creations and I find myself in the mood to create more! LoL Take care!

Dr. Horrible

Ok if you haven't seen it, then darn it go there and watch it now, because it seriously cracks me up to no end! ^^
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Here's the link Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog!