I haven't forgetten XD

I will eventually post the rest of my 30 days of art, I've just been really busy. My new puppy has Demodectic Mange, which isn't the contagious kind thank you God! We took him to the vet today, and he's now on a ton of medication, some of which he'll continue to take for the next 60 days -___-' At least it wasn't an allergic reaction to something; it would have been easier to clear up, but we would have had a hard time trying to figure out what he was allergic to, since we've only had him for a couple months and pretty much everything we've given him is new.
And on top of that my mom is going in for surgery this Thursday (a same day surgery), and my friend's b-day is the day before (I've been working on something for her, which has been keeping me from working on any drawings) :D

I just hope things turn out ok. Chances are they will, but you can never be too sure....I will get working on my 30 days of art ASAP. probably start posting again next week sometime. I'm sorry if I'm holding anyone up (specifically Keba who will probably be needing my character ref. sheet soon xD Sorry)