Distracted XD

I'm so behind on the 30 Days of art event ^^' BUT I will eventually finish the list even it takes me a year XD (hopefully not that long). I just haven't felt like drawing lately, and when I have I've been wanting to work on my comics; which isn't such a bad thing. For some reason when I have stuff I have to draw it always makes me more motivated to work on something else XD
I haven't had much time to draw either. My sister, and Grandma were sick for a few days, and I've been trying to keep up with my new puppy.

I got a new puppy by-the-way, don't think I've said anything about him on TheO yet. His name is Joe, and he's a Chihuahua-Beagle mix, a Cheagle XD And though he's doing really well, he's still not completely house trained. He's had a few accidents on the already filthy carpet in the hall, so I've been trying to clean up that mess up. I borrowed my Grandma's wet vacuum, but that didn't do to good a job, I think I might have to rent a heavy duty one, but I still don't think the carpet will ever be the same -_-

I've also been helping out a friend with her comic, I don't actually draw the comic, but I help with the story and thumbnail sketches. I'm kinda like the editor XD

And the biggest distraction of them all: I bought Animal Crossing New Leaf XD

I promise to get working again on my 30 days of art ASAP, I have the ideas for each theme, I just need to draw them XD