Kyo- D. Gray-Man Oc

Name: Kyo Tai-Uli
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: Korean
Date of Birth: April 16th
Zodiac: Taurus
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Blood Type: AB-
Weight: 5' 11"
Height: 145lbs
Hair: Red brown/Ginger white tips
Eyes: Brown
Work Outfit: Like Kanda's, tall belted shoes, two belts, white v-neck shirt, black gloves, many bracelets.
Casual: Black almost formal jacket, white shirt, black net shirt over top of white shirt, Black pants, Same boots, many bracelets necklaces and rings.
Personality: Quiet, distant, seems to be bearing a large weight, yet actually cares about those around him.
Likes: Peace, meditating, Yoga, Tai-chi, silence, dancing, playing piano, guitar, and flute, killing, flowers.
Dislikes: Loud people, crowded places, and ladybugs.
Fave color: Red
Fave foods: Dango, Tukguk, Gimbop, Pepeo.
Fave Drink: Schizandra tea
Weapon Type: Parasitic
Weapon: Left arm is black, has three main stages no full stage yet. (drawing)
Sync rate: 87%
Background: Was born into a very artistic family Korean. His mother played many instruments and sang. While his father was an artist and a very widely popular one at that. When he was born everyone was confused by his left arm being all black. His father became convinced that Kyo must have a demon inside him and never came toward him. His mother on the other hand ignored his unusual arm and taught him to play a few instruments. Even as a kid Kyo was very quiet and calm. He was home schooled because his mother was afraid that he would be made fun of. Due to being home schooled he was never around other people so he did not learn how to communicate with others. Unlike a normal school kid he studied more artsy things, and he also learned other languages.
When he was 8 his family took a trip to England to go to a big art convention. While there Kyo was separated from his parents. He wandered though a large crowd of people, he was terrified. Then an elderly lady came up to him. “Are you lost little one?” She had asked him. Tears streaming down his face he nodded. The women reached out her hand to him, quietly he grasped it. “I'll help you find your parents.” She said to him as they moved toward the outskirts of the crowd. He just followed slightly glancing around hoping to spot his mother. Suddenly Kyo heard his mothers voice, releasing the elderly woman's hand he flipped around. His mother was running towards him he cheeks soaked with tears. She ran to him and hugged him tightly until he whimpered, setting him back down she looked at the elderly women. “Gamsahamnida, I was so worried about my little boy.” Kyo's mother said to the women. Suddenly the woman tuned into a terrifying creature and attacked Kyo's mother, who protected Kyo. Kyo blacked out and when he awoke he surrounded by a pool of blood which was not his own. Lying next to him was his mother, she was now just a mangled carcass. Kyo cried out and his dad came running, the moment he saw Kyo and his mother he swore violently at Kyo. Telling him it was his fault that his mother had been killed. That night while they stayed at a hotel Kyo snuck out of there hotel room and made his way down to the lobby. He knew that there was a baby grand piano there, he walked though the the dimly lit lobby until he found the piano. Tears already welling up in his eyes he started playing the piano. It was one his mother had taught him, it was her favorite song and he had actually helped her write it. Suddenly the Millennium Earl appeared before him with a large scary skeletal creature. “How are you this evening?” The Earl asked him, his eerie voice sending chills down Kyo's spine. Kyo remained silent and just stared at the ugly man who's face bore a wicked smile. “So kid, how'd you like to bring your mother back?” He asked Kyo. “My mother, I can... bring her back?” Kyo said his soft voice cracking slightly. The earl began to laugh and his smile seems to grow wider. “Yes you can boy, all you have to do is call out her name. With all of your might yell out for your mother and she will come back to you.”The Earl responded. Kyo looked at him then at the skeletal creation. Both scared Kyo greatly, he didn't trust the earl and the entire situation made Kyo sick to his stomach. “I don't want to.” Kyo said his voice cold and stern. He knew he needed to get away from this man. “What do you mean kid, don't you want you mommy back or do you not love her?” The Earl sneered. “I said I don't want to.” Kyo responded in the same tone. Suddenly the earl flipped out and stated to yell at Kyo. “You'll call for her if you want to live!” He snapped. Suddenly Kyo's left arm started to morph, his fingers elongated and became like knives and from his forearm a long sword like weapon. He wickedly lashed out at the earl slicing though the large man's skinny hat. The earl stepped back and laughed. “An anti-akuma weapon, how interesting.” He said. With nothing more than a jump the earl vanished. Kyo looked around scared more now than he'd been when his mother had died. His arm was still strange looking and he didn't know what to do, then his father appeared in the lobby. His expression was one of sheer disgust, he stepped back from Kyo who looked at him with wide scared eyes. “You are a vile demon, don't you come near me. You are not my child, you are a demon.” His father yelled at him. Kyo's arm suddenly deactivated and Kyo fled from the hotel. The next day Kyo went back to the hotel and to the room where his father was. He sat outside the door and waited for his father to exit the room. When he did he looked down upon Kyo, and with no hesitation kicked him straight in the stomach. Then with a smug smile he left never to be seen again. Kyo now wandered the unknown streets of the city he'd been left in. Not knowing what to do he wandered aimlessly for weeks getting food from garbage's and sleeping on park benches. Until the day he was attacked by an Akuma, he'd been rummaging though the trash behind a restaurant when it found him His arm suddenly reacted again and turned into a blade like weapon once more. He slaughtered the akuma with no hassle and suddenly like a wolf being draw to the scent of blood he wanted to more. The urge to kill akuma was very strong with him he could almost always sense when one was near. One day he saw some men dressed in black and then were wandering through the town he was in. Around them were akumas disguised as humans. He followed them quietly wanting to figure out why these men were attracting akumas. The men did not notice him as they walked to a very quiet part of town. Suddenly the akumas attacked the men. One drew a sword and called it by the name Mugen the other just said innocence activate. The one man's arm turned into a weapon similar to his own and they attacked the akuma. Unable to control his innocence he transformed his arm and leaped into the fight. After the Akuma were destroyed the two men walked up to him "This must be the one." The taller one with dark blue hair said in a cold voice. "Hello little one, do you know what exorcists are?" The white haired one asked. After he talked with them he went back to a place called the Black Order. Everyone there was very nice to him, he tried to smile but he was very afraid of being around so many people. He could often be found sitting a top the building meditating or doing tai chi. Now he is 17 and lives a peaceful life with the order, still remaining distant.

Personal Statistics
Education: 3
Affinity: 2
Battle Ability: 5
Mental: 4
Flexibility: 4
Cooperativeness: 3


Name- Leona Isis Victinary Endoraly 13th
Gender- Female
Age- Looks about 18 is 284
Race- Nomalin Elf (will put up stats about my eleves later)
Eyes- center around pupil is yellow outside is red.
Hair- light auburn hair, waist length, choppy bangs
Likes- River and lakes, dried fish, summer, swimming, fighting, and birds.
Dislikes- Winter, deserts, mortals, ice, and wolves.
Personality- Upon meeting she is harsh and cold, unwilling to make new friends.
Getting to know her she is, still harsh, snide and has crude humor.
Truly understanding her one will find that she actually is giddy, pushy, and notameable.

Soryn Magi Vinci

Name- Soryn Magi Vinci
Gender- Male
Age- Looks about 19, Is 307
Race- Morovlick Elf (will put up stats about my elves later)
Eyes- Icy blue/green, left eye is forever closed.
Hair- Straight shoulder length layered hair that is normally pulled back into a ponytail that reaches his mid back. Bangs cover his left eye.
Likes- Dried fruit and meat, woodlands, fresh fish, nighttime, autumn, winning, running, wings, music, following his own path, fighting.
Dislikes- Vegetables, humans, bombs, winter, afternoons, losing, chipmunks, ladybugs, his dad, war, feeling alone.
Personality- Upon meeting Soryn one would think he was raised like a prince, he is very poised, clam, and respectful.
Getting to know him he is, self absorbed, violent, competitive.
Truly understanding him one will find that he actually is very crazy, loud, wise, and friendly.
Other- Covered in scars, main one is over left eye.

He and my other Soryn are kinda related I guess. One is earth Soryn and the other is the Soryn from my planet.

Will have a pic up one day cause I don't feel like explaining is outfit.