White King Follows; The Battle of Der Ritter, Slenderman Ch. 1

(I apologize for not tabzing, but the otaku isn't letting me atm. I'm sorry if it's harder to read, you guys know i wo9uld take the time to fix it If i could...) Chapter 1: Something New, Or Something Bad?

As I stumbled out of bed, and hit my ringing alarm clock in aggravation, I could tell this was going to be another day… of hell.
I shuffled downstairs and wiped the sleep from my eyes. I looked in the fridge. I felt like cereal was in order. I opened the milk and smelt it. It was always something I did; I know nobody likes to drink bad milk. I mean, who would? I winced, and poured out the spoiled milk into the sink, and threw away the carton. Damn it, no breakfast for me.
“MOM!” I yelled at her, “You didn’t get the milk! Didn’t you go grocery shopping yesterday?” I waited for a minute, but there was nothing but silence. I tip-toed into the living room to see her passed out on the couch. I picked up the beer cans, and hid her pills. The pills she didn’t need. I looked at my watch and ran to the kitchen to drink some water and hurriedly eat a couple of cookies. I threw on the closest clothes near me, (Mind you, they were clean), and slipped on my winter boots. At that moment, I didn’t care what my hair looked like, so I threw it up in a bun, and went on my way.
I hopped into my old dodge truck. As I tried to start it, it wouldn’t. I banged my head on the steering wheel. Mom must’ve used it last night to get her junkie candy. The least she could’ve done is put a little bit of gas in my tank…
I made it through the day, no problem. I didn’t go back home, not right after school anyway. I usually spent a few hours killing some time with my boyfriend Ace. We decided to go to the park and hang there for a bit. I took a drink of water, and then Ace mentioned something odd.
“Hey babe, ever heard of Slenderman?” I looked over at him, and shook my head.
“You haven’t?!” he jumped up and looked at me surprisingly. “I thought everyone has heard of him!” I laughed.
“Ace, you’re into some weird stuff, of course you know I haven’t heard of everything you have.” I lay down against the hill of grass and sighed.
“You should look him up!” He said, poking my face. I rolled my eyes.
“What does this guy even look like?” I asked, peering over at him. He laid down next to me, and casually replied,
“Well, they say he wears a suit, like a work suit. It’s black and it has a red tie. He has no face, and it really tall, like at least 7 feet.”
“That guy obviously isn’t human-“
“Not done yet!” He said cutely, like he says everything else. I closed my eyes and let him carry on his description of this Slenderman character.
“Anyway, he also has these arms that come out of his back, and extend to catch his victims, which would be adults, but mostly children. His arms can also turn into tentacles, which is pretty freaking creepy.”
“Why does he do that? What does he do to them, eat them or something?” I asked puzzled.
“No one actually knows. His victims are never found, he never leaves any traces of him, or his victims. It’s pretty weird.” I suddenly found myself to be a little interested. I leaned up, and said “Go on. Tell me more!” He smiled and continued.
“He has no face. And he also has no hair! They say that he can teleport by shaking his head or something like that. Nobody knows what he is. He could be an alien, a ghost, a demon, hell he could be somebody from the future! All we know is that he’s dangerous, and to avoid him at all costs.”
“How do you know he’s after you?” I asked in curiousity.
“Well, he stalks you. He can do it for days, weeks, months, even years. He appears sometimes; he just torments you, and drives you to insanity, until you can’t cope with yourself anymore. Just when you think he’s about to strike, he doesn’t. He does it when you have no hope of escaping. No hope of escaping your insanity.” This Slenderman was one creepy sounding guy. If he even is a guy, since no one knows who or what he really is. All I know is that this thing triggered my curiosity, and I wanted to find out more about it. I had Ace drive me home, and I headed inside.

I walked in and took my shoes off, laying them on the mat that said “Welcome to Our Cozy Home”. Cozy home my ass. My mother was nothing but a junkie and a drunk. After my sister died, she let everything go. She didn’t care about anyone or anything anymore. My sister Lorain was her favorite. She did everything for her. Mom never gave a damn about me.

I tiptoed up the stairs and shut the door. Thank God mom wasn’t home. She was probably out getting more junkie candy. It was either that or out partying. I wouldn’t really be surprised if it was both.

I got onto the computer. Checked my Facebook, nothing new happening there, just boring, as always. I checked my email, nothing but ads and sale offers. I decided to look up Slenderman. I was surprised by how many pictures there were of him. I will admit, the first time I saw him; he gave me the creeps, some serious goose bumps. I mean, I could tell that a lot of them were faked. But there were some old ones that looked pretty legit. I wonder what else I could find out about him. I mean, I’m sure Ace told me everything I had to know about him. But I wanted to know more. I wanted to dig deeper into him. I wanted to see how scary and threatening this Slenderman really was. I didn’t get scared easily. So, I wanted to see how bad he could scare me, see how he could mess with my mind. I looked up everything I could possibly find out about him. He was a pretty interesting… thing. And I will admit… pretty damn crazy looking. And his name did trigger a freaky factor about him, and triggered more curiosity within me. I knew, from that moment on, that he wouldn’t be just a scary mentionable; I’d have to dig deeper into what it really was.

I actually fell asleep at my computer. When I woke up, I was going to head to bed. But something caught my eye; my tree outside seemed eerie. Usually that tree was a sort of comfort during the night. Maybe it seemed creepy at the moment because I had just awakened and I was a little out of it. Perhaps it was the way that the branches had very little leaves on it, and how they were extended lifelessly from the tree itself, how it was dark against the night sky… and you could see its silhouette…
I shut off the computer and headed to bed, not even bothering to change into my pajama’s, due to the fact that I was so tired, that I didn’t even care at the moment. As soon as I crashed into my cozy springy bed, I found myself staring at the ceiling. Even though I was beyond tired, my eyes were wide awake. I was acting as if… I didn’t want to fall asleep. Like… I was afraid to…
I laughed at myself and said allowed that I needed to go to sleep, or I was going to have a pretty rough time in the morning getting up. So, I fluffed up my pillows, forced my eyes to close, and told myself that if I opened them again, Slenderman would get me, so I was forced to go to sleep.
Slenderman… hah he doesn’t scare me.
He doesn’t exist…