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This is going to be my new world which is soley creative writings in which I must create onnce a week during my classes at school I hope you enjoy them! THe world will be updated once a week n.n
ALSO: The reason this world is being created, is because I just dont have the time to keep up on my fanfics and other stories :/ But this world will guarantee you a new reading at least once a week :)
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Picture day.
It is upon us.
I have picture day today, and I'm very nervous on the outcome (>.__.<) I always have a fake smile, and they usually end up bad since I cant see myself smiling e.e ugh.
I don't wanna see it AT ALL.
I do not enjoy picture.
I do not.
Soooooooo yep.

Akita Rose; A Grimmjow Love Story Ch.1

He's the one who likes, all our pretty songs and he, likes to sing along and he, likes to shoot his gun, but he-
Don't know what it means, don't know what it means when I say yeah

I looked at him, and for some reason, his words didnt effect me. He kept staring at me, eyeballing me up and down, trying to look into me and figure out what was going through my mind. Him saying I was in danger was kind of a relief; I know that sounds weird, but it gave me this feeling that I existed, and that I wasn't just another speck of snow in this blizzard in which we live in.
"You're not scared, are you." I blinked my eyes to leave my thoughts, and looked at him.
"No, I'm not." He took a couple steps towards me, and examined me even closer. "I believe you," He said, so close to me now that he could probably smell the shampoo that was lingering in my hair. "What do you want me to do?" I asked him quietly, as if I thought someone was listening in on us. "Hmm," he said, turning from me and taking a seat on my bed, "We have to leave soon, so pack some clothes, who knows when you'll be back here." I smiled wearily, making my way to my dresser. I didn't look at Ichigo, but I had this sense of concern radiating from him.
"I'm okay," I said, answering his unspoken question. "I live alone, it's not like anyone is going to miss me when I'm gone." I heard him sigh. "You sure seem to be taking this pretty well. I havent even told you whats going on, nonetheless the only thing you really know about me is my name. And your just, okay with that?" I nodded my head and threw my clothes into a grocery bag. I turned and faced him, and made my way over to sit beside him.
"I have this feeling of trust from you. I have this sense that we've known eachother for a long time, even though I know for a fact that I've never seen you before, until now. I trust you. I'm not afraid of you. I'll go wherever you want me to, because somehow... I knew that I was meant to do whatever it is you want me to do." He stared at me, a little puzzled, and I giggled at him.
"w-whats so funny?!" He said, jumping up and feeling at his face.
"Your facial expressions crack me up, you look at me as if you've never seen a female before!" He blushed "Psh, whatever, of course I have." He paused for a moment and scratched the back of his head. "I've just never met a stranger that I've only known for about half an hour, say something like that. You seem like you're pretty open with me." I smiled again. "I trust you, remember?" He smiled, and chuckled. "Well, I guess we better get going!" He said a little more enthusiastically. Ichigo grabbed my hand and led me toward the window. He stepped on the outside of the window frame and I could tell he was getting ready to jump, but I pulled him back suddenly.
"What are you doing?! We cant jump!!! It's too high!" He shook his head and laughed. "How do you think I got up here?" I just looked at him "I-I dont know-" "And didn;t you say you trusted me?" He said with a little sly smirk. I looked down at my feet, and paused. So what if I did fall... no big deal right? We're probably not that high... I looked at him and nodded. "I trust you." "OKAY THEN!" He said, pulled me and jumping in the air. I squeeled and closed my eyes, but I felt him effortlessly pull me up onto his shoulders.
My eyes were still closed and I felt a warm breeze hit my face. Are we falling? ugh, I cant tell, i'm too afraid to open my eyes!
"Open those eyes up," Ichigo said calmly. I trusted him, so I did as he told me.
We were up high, the sky was dark and the stars were as bright as ever. I smiled. It was so breathtaking that I actually felt like crying. I smiled, and I realized that I've never felt so alive. This guy with crazy orange hair, that I've only known for about an hour, made me feel happier than I have been in years. It was so weird, this sensation of being free. Even if I was in danger, just feeling this free and alive was worth it, even for a short while.
"Where are we going now?" I said, as we were flying swiftly through the air.
"A place that's nothing like this world, and you'll soon realize that this feeling you have will soon fade. We are going to a place called The Soul Society."
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Akita Rose; A Grimmjow Love Story (INTRO)

I just keep walking down the sidewalk, the music flooding my eardrums having exstacy spasms, and my head bobbing to the bass in the background. My day wasnt all that well; let me tell you, their certainly have been better days. But as soon as the music hits my ears, all my worries seem to fade away. But when the music stops, everything comes back, minute by minute, putting me back in the shitty mood I was in before.
Oh, I forgot. Where are my manners? I've been just talking my life's story away, like you even care ahaha...
Well, I'm Akita, Akita Rose. I'm an 18 year old girl that has a couple friends, 10 piercings, and currently 2 tattoos. I have long black hair and carmel brown eyes. I'm not skinny minny, but I really dont care what anyone else thinks. I go to a vocational school with all kinds of different people. Most of them are annoying, but I just keep going with it. I've always had this feeling that my future was going to be bright, something that no one else could ever do. Something that would have meaning, purpose.
I finally headed inside my haunted home of 14 years, and threw my purse on the floor, along with my body on the bed.
Yes, you heard correctly/ My house is haunted. I've heard voices, steps, things have been thrown, moved, removed, everything else youve ever thought of. Its all in my house. Whenever I come home from somewhere, I always say "Hey hellhouse." Cuz this is what it is. A hellhouse.
My room is a little messy, so I start cleanin up a bit. When its clean enough for me, I decide to take a nap.


I live in a two story house, and I usually keep my curtains closed. When I woke up around 9, I knew i wouldnt be back asleep for a while. I started changing my clothes, taking my shirt off, and throwing it in the corner of my room. I starting rummaging through my drawers, trying to find the comfiest, baggiest shirt I could find. I heard a peck at my window.
I stood for a moment. What the hell? I thought to myself. This is the 2nd story.... no one could be up here. Theres no way! I just shook my head and continued looking for my shirt. Then I heard another noise. Not pecking this time, but something hard being thrown at my window, Like rocks. I turned around, expecting to see something peeking in around the curtains inside my room. But I made my way over to open the window. Step by step I heard more pecking, and Just as i moved the curtains away from the window, something happened.
My window flew open, and I yelped, and a force hit me hard, knowcking me down and weight holding me to the floor, not letting me up.
I looked up, and a guy with bright orange hair abd brown eyes was laying on top of me. He looked around my age, and as I was about to scream, he quickly put his hand around my mouth. I began to struggle, and he shook his head frantically.
"Nononono, dont fight, its okay! I'm a good guy! Liste-" I head butted him, and damn did it hurt. No wonder you never really seen people head-butt people. He fell off me, and I covered myself with my arms, and ran for the door. But he was already there, blocking me from leaving.
"Listen to me! I'm sorry I scared you, I-"
"Who the hell are you?! how did you get in my room?! Why are you here?!" I paused a moment, and stared at my cleavage that was popping out over my arms. He blushed, and I gasped.
"Don't look you pervert!!!" I yelled at him. He started stuttering nervously, and turned around. I grabbed a shirt and threw it on, and turned back to face him. I glared at him, and he just looked at me.
"Answers, now. Who are you?"
"Ichigo Kurosaki. I'm a shinigami." I looked at him like a kitten looked at a yarn ball.
"A what?" I said puzzled.
"A Soul Reaper. You wouldnt understand, but thats what I am."
"What are you doing here?" Ichigo just shobed his hands in his pockets, and looked pretty calm at this point. I got a better look at him, and his featured. He had pretty nice muscles, and a very cute face.
"I'm here to take you away."
"Away??" I said, looking at him confused. "Why?"
"Because," he replied sternly, "You're in danger."

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I will be starting my Grimmjow romance fanfic :)) It's been forever since I started to write anything like that... I pretty much stopped my fanfics in 2010. But I miss it, so I'm gonna give it a shot!
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