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To MewChero

Dear MewChero,

Ah. It is pretty upsetting when your eyesight starts to go. But since it seems to happen to everybody, I guess I feel less bad. Anyway..I don't really like to communicate with my fellow akatsuki members. The only one that I formally communicate with is my partner, Kisame. Other than him, I really don't like to speak with the others, so I tend to ignore them. Do they like it? Well, I don't think they really give a damn. Thankyou for asking though. As for what I do in my free time, Kira-san asked me that too. I simply said that I will most often eat dango, drink green tea and read. Other than those things, I don't really do much...oh and well now that I am part of the Host Club, I write posts and advertise.. I guess I should get out more..


Giving it a shot.

Dear Itachi,
Don't fret over your eyes. I too am having eye issues. In fact I just got my first pair of glasses today. Everyone's eyesight starts to go when the reach 17( I learned this in Physics) and since I'm 16....I guess it's close enough. lol
Questions: Do you get along well with the other Akatsuki members? What do you like to do in your free time?
That's it for now!

To Kira-san~

Dear Kira-san,

Yes, I know. >.> Sleep is important.. As for getting a prescription *sigh* I don't really know if that would help. -__-' But thankyou for kindly suggesting it and caring for my well-being~

Sasuke and I have been..getting better I suppose. Not so much, I'm going to kill you, but more brotherly fighting. So that would seem like a good improvement.

Take care as well Kira-san.

P.S About the picture..*cough* I know I'm king~ *cough* >:]

A Letter For You :3

((haha, thought I'd give this a shot!! Once again, Honored to be a guest poster :) ))

Dear Itachi-sama,

I'm doing very well, thank you for asking. I do hope that you will try to get some rest, and take care of yourself. That is very important. As for your vision, yes! You should see a doctor and have him get you a prescription! :) Don't be sad, lots of people don't have perfect vision! You're just fine the way you are.

Now, since this is a letter, and we are to direct questions to you...I suppose I should do so. How are things between you and Sasuke going? I saw that you opened up a line of contact and I must commend you for doing so. There are many people too stubborn to try and make up for past mistakes. Unwilling to simply bury the hatchet and move forward. Sasuke-kun puts up a front, but I know he wants to get to know you again too. I wish you both the best.

I'll end this letter here for now. Take care and talk to you again soon!


PS: Behold the King on his Throne. Oh yes...I decided to include a Picture <3

**credit goes to the creator of the picture...there was no name where i got it! DX**

Dear Fans

Dear fans,

How are all of you? I..well am doing fine I suppose. -__- You know me well enough~ Anyway, I have decided to answer or at least try to answer any questions you guys throw at me. I've been feeling quite depressed lately. -_-' Most of the people who have been pming me probably already know this. Ah yes, sadly my insomnia is really beginning to take a toll on me. Not to mention my deteriorating eyesight. I hear people have this thing called CONTACTS. Maybe I should try those...I would really appreciate reading some comforting letters. But don't feel so bad for me. I just want to see what you all have to say.