Hakuna Matata- A Swahili phrase that is literally translated as “There are no worries”. It is sometimes translated as “No worries”, although is more commonly used like the American phrase “No problem”

Here I made a brand-new, straight out of the box, still shiny to your heart’s desire
In this WORLD, it is your mission to have as MUCH FUN POSSIBLE while you can… if you have had a rough day, and need some ~soul healing~ come here…this world will be full of fun, interesting anime related goodies for you and your fellow otaku pals.
be kind and post as you like, but please…keep away from yaoi/yuri/ect. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! >///< and also please be respectful to the views of others.

Have a wonderful day, and always remember,
When times get crazy,

people who are allowed to post here are

Lei Chan
Hanaro Souhi
mada hope97
Nino Umaka
NeKo Moonshine
Natsuki Lotus
that fro kid
yumei hearts u

(If you don't want to be a guest poster; jst let me know so I can remove you! but please, give it a try first! :D ~sammi)


Purple or a cause
it is very important I get a lot of people to joinin otn this! Please take a look at it if you have the time. it is a good cause. October is Anti-Bulling Month! if you join in, please spread the word!
and yes, that is my facebook. if you want, go ahead and friend me, i love you all!!! >//<~

Where I'm from

Today in Advanced English we were asked to write a poem in a specific style. We were told to write about the place we are from. well, being the weird-o i am, I decided to write about a metaphorical place. So I um...wrote about theO.
yeah. i wrote about this site for class!
I decided to write it out for everyone. I hope you don't mind if I used your name in it! >//<

I am from Logging in,
from new friends and Family
I am from the podcaststhat were worlds apart;
but knew eachother well.
I am from Adams'crazy antics,
and April fools day jokes...

When Peeps Incade, and Ponies cascade
from every pixled inch.
From "paying it forward" to your friends-
(people joining in)
from "oh my!" to "you are my sunshine"
and cupcakes everywhere!
From images mingle: and people greet,
and where everyone has fun.

where you are inspired on every page,
by new and interesting friends.
where King-Sama draws amazing things,
then compliments us after!
from a place where Inuhides from Russian spies
(all while creating Beautiful icons)

I am from a place that is truely fearless
like Ikemarthsacrificing art.
from chat rooms and world-wide communication
(things are far from normal)
from friendly faces , plus ZE MEANIE
who keeps me feeling safe!

I am from a place,
where everyone is welcome.
where copywrite is being conquored,
by some friendly sharing options.
From Keyboard smash, and celebration,
when celeberty's come out to play.
from "Today's top 8" and Leaderboards
(that I will never make)

I am from my inbox,
that's flooded with lots of love.
from "this is where we live"
to "this is where I'm from"

I love you guys, really I do.