Another anime and one of my fave's too. Hope you enjoy this one.



The series tells the story of Ginji Amano and Ban Mido, a pair of superpowered individuals known as the GetBackers. The duo operates a freelance repossession service out of one of the seedier areas of Shinjuku, Tokyo. For a fee, they will recover any lost or stolen item for a client with "a 100% success rate".

The GetBackers' job often leads them into bizarre and dangerous situations in order to "get back what shouldn't be gone". Their targets range from lost video games to misplaced components of an atomic bomb. The plot mostly revolves around their adventures, often complicated by the pair's convoluted, individual pasts and a mysterious place known as the Infinite Castle.


1. Ban Mido is a primary member of the rescue team. He used to belong to a gang composed by Himiko Kudo and Yamato. At some moment, Ban killed Yamato without a reason given and later when entering into the Limitless Fortress, he fought against Ginji Amano, who would later become his best friend. Ban's powers include the "Snakebite", a skill which gives his hands a grip of 200 kilograms-force, and the "Evil Eye", an ability to induce minute-long hallucinations on the target of his choosing.

2. Ginji Amano is a primary member of the rescue team and also the former leader of a gang called "The VOLTS" in the Limitless Fortress. He received the title "Lightning Emperor" because of his ability to control electricity and because he was the ruler of the entire Lower Level of the Limitless Fortress. Amano can also generate enormous amounts of electrical energy. When Ginji left the Limitless Fortress by unknown reasons, the group was divided and some of the members try to survive without Ginji.