Sorcerous Stabber Orphen

Another anime to introduce ... This is an old anime but you should try checking it out. Love the story on this one.



Azalie, Orphen's best friend who had helped him get through the prestigious magic school, The Tower of Fang, has some connection with the beastly dragon, the Bloody August. To uphold the magic school's reputation, the dragon must be destroyed--but Orphen isn't about to let that happen so easily, for this beastly dragon is Azalie: she had been transformed due to tampering with something with which she shouldn't have tampered. People whom Orphen thought were his friends suddenly seem as though they are enemies in the race to get to Azalie first. Orphen leaves the school, furious with the fact that they want to destroy his best friend. He sets out on a journey to find and save her with his apprentice, Majic, and a woman who holds one of the key items in her house, Cleao.


1. Orphen is the main male lead. Fans claim "he comes off as a 'badass' kind of guy", because of his apparent lack of emotions, dedication to finish what he is working on as soon as possible (his eagerness to stop helping people he feels he doesn't have to help), and his 'coldness' towards people he doesn't know. He is partly an anti-hero thoughtout the entire series. The only time his attitude changes is when the subject of Azalie is brought up. He will do anything for Azalie, as when they were younger, she had tutored him and gave him the confidence to get as far as he did in the Tower of Fangs. He and Azalie were brought to the school because it was believed that they possessed a strong amount of magical power within them. This proved correct; Orphen was a magic-prodigy. Orphen eventually becomes the greatest sorcerer in the world.

2. Majic is Orphen's apprentice, and the second-male lead. He is a friend of Cleao's, but not a close one since she's three years older than him and she also spent a long time at boarding school. He deals with the torment from both Cleao and Orphen on their journey together to save Azalie. His father is paying Orphen to teach him, which at first seems a waste of money to his father. When Orphen repairs a glass that fell with his magic, before the father's eyes, the father's opinion about his money being "thrown out the window" disappears. Majic appears to be a good student, learning as much as he can, and retaining all of what he learns.

3. Leki - One of the race of Wolven or Deep Dragon, Leki is a cub who is found and adopted by Cleao, although perhaps it could be said that Leki adopted Cleao, as adult Deep Dragons are more powerful and intelligent by far than humans. Like all Deep Dragons, Leki resembles a wolf rather than a reptilian dragon, and when he uses his innate powers, his eyes will glow a bright green color. As Leki is still very young, he often exhibits young animal-like tendencies, such as chasing after a butterfly. He protects and defends Cleao whenever he feels the need to, or when Cleao orders him.

4. volkan - One of the trolls, appears a human brat, who frequently calls himself the "Masmaturian Bulldog". Volkan always comes up with their plans (which usually turn out to be poorly thought out, utterly bad ideas, and almost never work). He hates Orphen (whom he refers to as "the black wizard") and his companions, and always finds a way to ruin whatever they had in mind. It is his fault that Orphen often must use his magic on them to make them go away (himself and Dortin). Volkan wants only power and money.

5. dortin - Volkan's younger brother. Dortin and Volkan are often viewed as comic relief throughout the series. They are two trolls who are always low on money, and seem to always find a way to mess up whatever Orphen is trying to accomplish. They work in Cleao's basement, cutting up food and whatnot; she is their employer. As for his character, Dortin is the voice of reason (that is never paid any attention to) on his and Vulkan's quests.