Ross the Metagross

Name: Ross


Gender: Male

Age: 22

Birthday: June 21

Pokemon: Metagross

National #: 376

Title: Iron Leg Pokemon

Nature: Steel/Psychic

Held Items: Metal Coat (the jacket he wears)

Ability: Clear Body, Light Metal

Attacks: Telekinesis, Zen Headbutt, Iron Defense, Meteor Mash, Bulldoze, Bullet Punch, Metal Claw, Gravity, Miracle Eye, Agility, Psychic

Weak Against: Ground and fire

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 188 lbs.

Hair Color: Blue with slate color streaks

Hair Length: Semi-spiky long hair that ends at his shoulder blades in back and at his shoulders on the side with messy bangs.

Eye Color: Gold
Skin Tone: upper body tanned, lower body pale. (worked outside without a shirt growing up so half body tan)

Build: Athletic with distinct muscle definition

Markings/Scars: Markings - Slate crosses over his face similar to the actual pokemon

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Appearance: Has a sharp angled face with a defined jaw line and slight indented cheek bone.

Full Outfit: – Look at picture below by clueless –

Personality: Quiet and kind acting like a giant teddy bear. He is always willing to help out just have to ask or just have to get to know him firsts. However, if you make him mad or threaten someone he knows, he will analyze his opponent(s) and systematically attack as if a raging steel teddy bear.

Orientation: Straight

Rival: Doesn’t have one right now nor does he really care

Family: His parents and a younger sister named Aunya back home

Hometown: Fallarber Town – Hoenn Region

Likes: cutting wood, climbing trees, relaxing out in nature (including at night), eating, the rain

Dislikes: cramped places

Fears: breaking a promise he made and his word not meaning anything

Strengths: Standing his ground, strategies (games included), physical activities

Weaknesses: Food, not backing down

Favorite Food: Pasta stir fry . . . at least 3 bowls

Drink: Ginger Ale

Color: Blue

Tree: Weeping Willow

Season: Fall

Activity: Mountain biking/ regular biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and anything physically active

Background: He grew up on his parent’s farm that is slightly isolated from the town which led him to his enjoyment of nature. He doesn’t know who are his real parents but nor does it really matter to him. He is happy with his family now and they see him as the son they didn’t have. His father taught him that a man’s word, honor and name are most important and should do whatever he can to keep them. Every day after school he would come home and greet his mother before finding his dad. Then he would help on the farm, mostly doing intense physically demanding work. At first he hated having to do them but soon he came to enjoy it as it gave him a reason to be outside.

As he got older he was given more responsibility and was soon working harder outside then on his school work. He would pass all his classes but would spend most of his day helping his dad or their surrounding few neighbors as much as possible. And every night at the same time you would hear his mother shouting out for him to return home. During high school he would often be seen in the principal’s office but not for fights. No would dare start a fight with him even though they didn’t know he was a gijinka. He would be there for skipping or being later to class as he would rather be outside wandering or relaxing in the woods. He parents were never mad after they learned why he would be in the office and understood he reasons. Still, he would come home and continue working and helping run the farm. More and more he would be found in the barn fixing up the tractors or machine equipment before wander out into the surrounding woods after dinner. But no longer his named called out summoning him home. His parents knew he had grown and allowed him to decide when to return. After graduating high school he wasn’t sure about going to college so he stayed on the farm for a while before leaving to set out and find his way. To help make money he does odd jobs helping people or working as a mechanic in various places he comes to.

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