Ross: Welcome to my little corner of the world. Not much every really happens here. Sorry, not much of an exciting person. If you can't find me here I am some where around the Mansion or outside working hard.

Make yourself at home and just ask if you need anything.

Oh well hello there! ! Can I help you with anything?

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PRing Ross

Ross's Room

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Update on Ross's appearance

Ross: So I forgot to mentioned some aspect of my appearance since no one has really seen me. I always wear long baggy pants because I need to hide my lower legs. They are covered with armor plating that a normal Metagross's limbs look like....

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Relationship Chart

Ross: So I just realized, as I laid my stuff on my new bed within the mansion, I have not really meet anyone that lives in the mansion. So below is the list of people that I have meet. Would be nice to meet some new people. *grins slightly* Need ...

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Still new to this so anyone want to RP?

Ross: Hello! ! ! ! I am lost somewhere in the mansion. Anyone have a map?

Outfits of Ross

Winter- I wear a black trench coat similar to Jesse Anderson’s from Yu-gi-oh GX however with mine having long sleeves and there being an inner lining of white fluffy fur. Underneath I have a buttoned down blue and maroon checkered flannel sh...

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RPing Ross

Seeing how am new here, I thought I should put this up sooner than later. Now there shall be no fear about messing my personality up; even though it would bother me) Let’s see where to start? ► When I first meet someone I wil...

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