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Never had a dream come true

This song is really nice if you just wanna unwind after a hard day, and so this song goes out to you if you need a moment to yourself right now

Inuyasha the great !

I've been trying to come up with something new and fun for this world and that's when i thought ...." why not let the Otaku's decide ?" so now you need to tell me what you want to see up on this world ? Do you want the inuyahsa episodes ? do you want your fan art seen ? cosplay photos? new inuyahsa info ? share it with us all on this world !!!! just let me know and we'll pump this world up !!!!!

NEW MANGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rumiko Takahashi has just announced the she will be releasing a new manga !!!!
Im not quiet sure what it called so if anyone knows .....PLEASE TELL ME !!!!!
-Otaku baby OUT !

Whats your opinion !?

Do you guys think that inuyahsa should make a come-back or do you think its time as top anime has come to a finish ? I know its not that popular today but still, i cant help but love it forever !

Inuyasha and Ranma Let me love you

this one out to Ranma-Akane and Inuyasha-Kagome !!! <3