Everyone is obsessed with something at sometime. Well with Inu, she always has to have an obsession with something or another. Wether it's an anime, manga, just drawing or even making AMV's I've always got something on my mind.

So here's a little world for me to post whatever the hell I want, that has to do with my current obsession of course.

See if you can guess what it is this time XD


Dear Santa,
This year for christmas I would like...

1. ((For people who know Inu)) Make me a ficcy of Inu and Deidara please <3
2. If not, something Asuna x Negi would be nice. Or Natsumi x Kotaro, or even Nodoka x Negi.
3. But of course some people won't know those characters, so how about Usagi ((Sailor Moon)) x Seiya ((Sailor Star Fighter)) <-- {Male or female}
4. Still no good? Oh well. How do you feel about Kagome x Inuyasha then?
5. Ehh, you still don't get it? *sigh* Alright then what about Chihiro x Haku? <3
6. So you say you haven't seen Spirited Away? Shame, shame on you. Fine, I'll make this a little more fun for you then if you're really out of options. A crossover couple. I'll give you a little list of my favourite characters in no particular order, and you choose who to pair them with-
Asuna - Negima
Nodoka - Negima
Evangeine - Negima
Seiya - Sailor Moon ((you could also use her in guy form tho))
Chibiusa - Sailor Moon
Kousagi - Sailor Moon
Hinata - Naruto
Chi - Chobits
Kagome - Inuyasha
Chihiro - Spirited Away
Mizore - Rosario Vampire
Karin - Kamichama Karin
((Probablly more but I can't think... oh well))

Kotaro - Negima
Negi - Negima
Seiya- Sailor Moon
Deidara - Naruto
Naruto - Naruto
Luffy - One Piece
Inuyasha - Inuyasha
Koga - Inuyasha
Haku - Spirited Away
Kazune - Kamichama Karin

Yes, Inu is going for coupley stuff this time round X3 Because she is in a coupley mood to make up for her forever aloness <3

Doesn't have to be christmas-y ^^

Yaoi, Yuri, I don't mind. So you can even pair some of the girls or guys if you really want ^^

Thank you very much.



Here ya go Hime! I hope they're ok X3 I can make 'em again if you want!

External Image


Still taking requests!~


I absolutely adore these covers!

;A; I couldn't find the volume 1 cover

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

Any more takers for my Sailor Moon family?

Chibiusa icons for Bunny~

There, happy now? X3

Yes, they're all the same picture, but that's what she wanted. Anyone else is free to use them!


I do take requests~
But I don't expect any

The end of an era...

And so, my One Piece obsession has ended. I still absolutely adore the show/manga and collect a ton of images I might pop in every now and then, but I'm not as maniacly obsessive about it as something else has taken it's place.

And so, I leave you with some funny screen shots...
External Image
External Image
External Image
External Image

Cutest insult you'll ever get:
External Image
External Image

And this I just kept as something vaguely ZoroxNami-ish:
External Image

To the end of my One Piece craze~
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