-_- Is it possible to hate and love someone at the same time? Because that's how I currently feel about this... this... 'person' ((I'm currently debating on whether she's some evil money demon sent to earth to find ways to make people spend more...))
YES I AM WEIRD! If you didn't already know that, then you don't know INU!

So anyway, back to my point.

I was living a happy, calm life, where there was always at least a couple of dollars in my pocket to spend if I needed.

Not anymore.

NO! Since being introduced to the things known as BJDs thanks to she who will not be named ((*coughs* look above *cough*)) Every free cent I get that doesn't have to go on gifts, or necessities, goes away in saving for a new doll D:

I AM OBSESSED! Nooooooooooooooo!!!!

Currently waiting on Dollzone's Hid


Castiel - DollLove's Kaja

Castiel: Not so much a photoshoot

Lol, so I had no desire to keep him sitting there in those disgusting underwear, and it woud have been strange to have h...

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Catiel: Box opening

>< My baby arrived the other day!!!! Huzzah! But Inu had no internet access so she couldn't post about him ;A; Haha, my mum texted me during class and I couldn't wait to get home... then I got home and she said she left it at her work ...

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I got an email saying Castiel was shipped yesterday! *squeals* He should be here in 7-13 days! *happy dance*

He got shipped quicker than Devlin though *wonders when he's getting shipped* and I ordered him a month and a half later :S I think it's because Dollzone probably has a whole lotta orders to deal with after their Christmas event.

Ehh, I don't mind though *starts to happy dance again*

Heehee. Some people are suprised Inu can have girly moments too X3 *squealed during class when she got the email* None of my friends or family can understand why I'd spend so much on a doll still, even though I've explained it 50 times ;A;


Look! Lookit! BJD world!!!

*pointless post to get attention*