Uwahh! Hello~ I'm Tea! Formerly known as CrimsonPearlVoice! I got a new account, the other one was quite boring. So, now I'm here! Hope you enjoy your stay here! I'll post things in my life, and news and such on new animes and mangas that I find interesting. (: P.S. The picture above is me~ (: Haha

New Account!

Hello lovelies, I have a new account!
I'll try to be active ^w^ I'll also have links to places where I am active! I miss all you guys!


I remember this place.

I'm not here anymore~


I haven't been here in ages.
I've missed it soooo ;~;

I'm back though.
On Saturday I leave for Europe for 2 weeks though.
And then I'll be back AGAIN!
Haha :D

It just feels so good to be on this website again.
So many memories.
I don't even know what to say. <3
I just love it here.

Merry Christmas!

Hey y'all!
How was your christmas? What'd ya get??

Now, I'm about to tell you in GREAT DETAIL what i got for Christmas!


Haha just kidding! So seriously.

  • Bath stuffs
  • Sweat Pants, 2 PJ shirts, PJ bottoms, a Jacket, Slipper Boot things, Slipper Sock things, a Tote
  • The movie, "The Uninvited"
  • Some make up
  • Lotsa Candy
  • A coloring book (Tinkerbell ;w;)
  • $191 dollas and $50 dollas for itunes

tee hee,
hope y'all had a wonderful christmas!
and i cut my hair btw