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They're dancing in the shadows like whispers of love…

War that seems to have no end like a nightmare that haunts those fragile dreams when will you end? Enemies by words but really are siblings by blood. Fighting each other, killing each other. Families torn by this nightmare, children’s future from solid to dust. When will you be satisfied? All of them fantasize because of you and…

…just dreaming about they’re once free as dove.

From My HIME OST "It's Only the Fairytale They Believe"


I’ll come back
When you call me…

Seeing them cry as I bid farewell was the most unbearable memory I have. Those tears coming from their little eyes and those distressing words coming from my angels, I have to ignore them all. Even though we’re oceans apart, don’t worry my sweet little angels I’ll be always in your heart. I love you all and this is the best thing I can do..

…so no need to say goodbye.

*original lyrics THE CALL*


In the midst of confusion she began to run, with her eyes closed and her feet as her guide. After realizing where she was, she sat on the nearest bench, the only bench on sight. She begins to think of all the things happening to her, now her guilt rising from the deep of her stomach. She looks at the sky, the gloomy gray sky. Words escape from her lips that she never knew she can say easily. The rain starts to drip, first to the tip of her nose and then covered her completely. Tears rushing to those cold cheeks, mixing with the others' tears, countless tears from above.


As I said goodbye, my mask never been notice. They always thought that I was ‘her’ but the truth is this is the real ‘her’. The person they thought they knew so well but the truth, I always been a stranger. And that will remain a secret for I chose to left you with her memories than the real ‘her’.


When I saw her cry solemnly, I promise to myself that I’m not going to be as weak as her. I’ll be as cold as the ice if that’s the only way to protect. Now, even though I’m tough like I wanted to be, as cold as I wished to be, I’m not different from her. This weakness I detest the most. This weakness I can’t separate myself. This weakness I wished I was born without, the heart of a human. This thing they called emotion, I wished I can kill it but I have no power. It’s because, this is the worst and best gift we humans received.