Infinity Helix~

Prologue~ (Directed by Bartender Justin)

This forsaken world…Once called Earth, it was once a lush and beautiful planet... until several years ago when mankind’s refusal to stop fighting accidently set free a dimensional rift that tore through the planet. This dimensional rift ravaged the earth and disrupted the rays of the sun on the planet, creating massive dark clouds that covered the sky all around the world effectively crippling all kinds of power all over the planet, stopping all the wars, and killing many people that were thrown into dimensional rifts that appeared, finally the dimensional rifts drowned out all remaining power forcing the world into complete and utter darkness… This tragedy was called Dark Fall.

But people persevered , and they were able to keep adapting and eventually they discovered a new power to use to survive. People could harness their "Aura” a mysterious energy that is a part of their life force to power various aspects of a normal life. Another discovery was made when parts of nature were still alive, instead of just making air, nature also sent mana flowing throughout the world. With mana and aura power, people were able to survive. There are rare cases when people can combine aura and mana to create a phenomenon known as Helix, which gives unimaginable power, and through these discoveries mankind were able to come back from the brink of extinction.

Through another freak accident monsters appeared throughout the world, attracted to the mana and the aura of the people, they were named the Scorned. But in their darkness hour, some humans were able to harness their aura to their fullest and created a new power, called Ray, concentrated aura that was devastating in combat, able to grant one stronger abilities and protection, and providing exceptional power to anything. Like Aura stones for powering everyday appliances, and Raystones to do the job even better. Eventually mankind drove back the Scorned and rebuilt their lives, created cities that stretched to the darken skies...the highest buildings reached through the clouds where it is rumored people live in the sunlight... But conflict arose between the people, and a civil war was fought to keep the power of Ray out of those who were less fortunate... Soon cities were divided into an upper and lower town. The higher towns were called Aether, where the highest buildings that reached through the clouds were called Eden, these cities were for the more fortunate people, those who had stable lives and were also trying to keep Aether and Eden up and running. The lower cities were called the Terre....there the people who were less fortunate or couldn't really afford to live in luxury lived there, thanks to Ray barriers surrounding the cities, life soon became as it was before…poor, rich, middle, all kinds of people.

Soon the ray became concentrated in forces of nature, like Volcanoes, and Frigid Ice in the North, and it kept flowing out into the world alongside the mana so life was basically stable... The Monsters evolved with time to attack the barriers and eventually mankind harness their talents to fight them again ,the people who fought these monsters were called Hunters, taking jobs to help people and help to survive. Some hunters were good, some were bad, but this was to be expected. Using aura to augment their natural abilities, and ray to power their weapons they fight for good or bad. So a second massive war was fought to destroy the Scorned, and in the end mankind effectively drove back the Scorned enough to achieve victory. That was the war of the Forsaken.

This story centers around a couple of gifted individuals who have the ability to harness the powers of Helix to control unbelievable power, they are called Tracers, able to create powerful techniques and even control the elements. Although regular people could do this as well, Tracers were even more powerful calling upon fantastic and mysterious power to destroy all who oppose them. With this power, people fear them, Tracers were rare, and when some were discovered they were usually taken to authorities and killed out of fear, or taken to be used by the Aether’s Army to keep people in line and used as living weapons. But two of these of these rare Tracers are seen as the main characters of this story, they live in my bar and do jobs to help change the city's condition, little did I know they would one day help change the world…while at the same time attracting a myriad of problems.
Their names are Ban Altair, and Lumieres Cielo~