Okay so anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a huge Vocaloid fan but the thing that ticks me off is when you get a great Vocaloid song and its overlooked or ignored so I made this world to fix that Mmmmmmhmm so sit back relax and jam to my tunes ;3


Oh My Gosh Miku's Dark append sounds amazing and I love this song is so soothing XD

Poker Face

NO IT IS NOT THE SONG YOU ARE THINKING OF XP I love this song by Gumi it has a western rock feeling to it so it is awesome and she looks so cool in the Video XD

Thoughtful Zombie [Cover]

I love this song by Miku this has to be the most computerized I have ever heard her She sounds K.K Slider from Animal Crossing and Chase did a silkly job coving it Mmmm xD XD


Okay So I just recectly had a yearning to hear some Teto and I found this awesome song by Her Its hard to find a good Orginal Teto Song but this one is awesome

Lost Destination

Mmmm Len and Kaito Append