You know those punks.

Yeah you know...

You say something


and what do they reply?

Your mom

Ahh now you see

The point i'm failing to make

Here, an example

What were you doing over there? asks Paul

Your mom! douche bag retorts

Hey thats not cool, little Paul cries

Your moms not cool,mega douche replies

Stop doing that!! Paul screams

What? You want me to stop doing your mom?

and so on

So don't be like megadouche here



The best thing about pokemon is

You even have your own Mom

There's no segregation in pokemon

There are the ugly ones


and the cute ones


In pokemon your in your own vortex of awesomeness

You can't die in pokemon

You go to the Pokecenter

What a world

Your companions don't die

They faint

But if i were poke master

And the world was really filled with Pokemon

Our lives would suck

Like for real doe