There is a huge, rambling house in the country, about three miles outside of a small town that you’ve never heard of. The residents of this house usually only venture into town to buy groceries for themselves. The number of people who live there? Several dozen, or there abouts. These people are varied as the colors and patterns and shaped of flowers that grow from bulbs (such as tulips, lilies, or crocuses). But they have a single shared attribute. This is what brought them together. The curse, or blessing, of ageless immortality. Thus, this house is called the…

Immortals’ House

Out of convenience these immortals speak their own language, represented here as mostly English with a smattering of some other languages, mainly Japanese. How these people came to be blessed and cursed with immortality is different for each of them, and most do not tell strangers, or even their trusted comrades, how exactly they were cursed and blessed.
These people decided to live in this house for a few centuries to alleviate boredom. For part of the curse of ageless immortality is a lot of time but limited things to do with it. So, in the network of ageless immortals that has grown over time, some of them decided to try living in one house and see how long they all could stand each other.

Some of the principle immortals living there are as following:
Kaida: female human, physically aged 35. Chronologically one of the oldest ageless immortals. Keeps two pets; twin dwarf coatl named after their stark black and white coloring, Yin and Yang. Owns a crimson ’59 Ford Thunderbird and can be often found under its hood, fixing it. (Fix or repair daily, after all.) Is fun loving and free spirited. Can be violent, however, and when she is, her aluminum baseball bat gets a work out.
Lamar: human boy, physically aged 7. Magically controls his toy ball to use as a weapon, mode of transport, or just a plain old toy. Only Kaida can understand his mumblings.
Mishina: female, physically aged 19. Last of the Dauwa, a human subspecies wiped out by a plague. Acts sweetly sad. Has a thing for redheaded guys. Gets drunk easily, but never gets hung over. Close friends with Miki and Keila. Assistant to Lord Desert.
Miki: human female, physically aged 17. A mana weaver. Mischievous and playful. Violent, especially towards good looking men. Close friends with Mishina and Keila. One of Kaida’s students
Keila: female human, physically aged 21. Always wears fancy, baroque style dresses. Wields a Spanish style, bladed fan that is incredibly heavy. Is very solemn and tightly wound most of the time. Close friends with Miki and Mishina. Adopted daughter of the Lady Kimono.
Mina: female, dragon-human hybrid, usually takes human form. Physically aged about 20. Always has her nose in a book, usually one of the science fiction variety. If said book is taken away from her, she will stop at nothing, not even a massacre, to get it back. When she asks for a bookmark, giver her one; it means she’s getting serious. Close to Aronna and Ki’wanna.
Aronna: a female nonhuman who usually takes human form. Physically aged about 15. Incredibly jealous of mortals. Her first reaction to almost everything negative is to hit the offending party. Her reaction to almost everything positive is to grunt. She feigns disinterest often. Is quick to become violent. Will protect Mina and Ki’wanna. Looks up to Keila.
Ki’wanna: female nonhuman who almost always takes human form. Physically aged about 10. Playful, loves to climb. Cuts self to purge bad emotions. Lover of pranks and tricks. Good friends with Aronna and Mina.
Drake: storm dragon trapped in a human body. Male. Physically aged around 25. Moves awkwardly, but never trips or bumps into anything. Lover of fancy silk clothes. Sometimes looks in on a family in a neighboring town to pass the time. Has a rainbow dwarf coatl named Skittles-chan. One of Kaida’s students.

Those who will swing by from time to time:
Drakk: male, human, physically aged about 65. Cares for a human family who hold the Worlds’ Stabilizing Crystal. Studied under Kaida. Will probably stay from about a week to a month.
Giada, Shaisha, Raksh: three fringe immortals. (Fringe as in not associating with the larger community.) Will stop by twice a century or so on their travels. Only Giada is strictly human. Will stay for about three days.
Marletta: female non-human; physically aged about 15. Takes on a human form quite often, but can take the form of other sentient nonhuman species as well.. A leader in one of the more organized parts of the community. Looks after Aronna, Ki’wanna, and Mina. Well known for her habit to talk to her gun. Will stay for a month or so.

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